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In the recent past, Augmented Reality technology has made its long way to almost every industry. Whether it’s the real estate, gaming or online shopping, mobile app development, actually it’s quite popular among the businesses as well as the consumers. In addition, with the growing popularity of mobile technology, it is sure to develop in the coming years as well. Many experts across the world have predicted that by the end of 2022, The AR market will be worth more than $15 billion.

With the introduction and wide adoption of smart phones, Augmented Reality technology that once seemed a thing of somewhat distant future became feasible and started to evolve. Several tech companies have started modifying their main products and incorporating AR elements as a way to boost their sales. Top app development companies have been constantly working to give users an amazing experience of the real world in the form of Augment Reality apps. It is a major fact that Augmented reality apps are in all rage, and they are almost reshaping the entire mobile app development like never before. However, there are several challenges to the implementation of this technology as well, because AR is still relatively new and developers are experimenting on this. In this blog, I am going to discuss some major challenges faced by app developers while developing an AR app.

Benefits of Augmented Reality App Development 

Before we move ahead to know the challenges, let’s take a look at the benefits of an AR App from the perspective of both users and developers.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentAR apps help to make the user experience better with more interactive elements.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentAR also helps to integrate location-based information, location-tracking feature more pragmatically into the mobile app whether android and iOS.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentFor the mobile app developers and app, Augmented Reality offers the new opportunity to optimize user engagement.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentIt lowers down the gap between physical and the digital world to create an immersive experience for the users.

Apart from the above elements, if we look at the current year statistics and forecast of AR revenues from the years 2018 to 2020, it can be clearly seen that AR Services are projected to rise exponentially in the coming years.

 Forecast Of AR Device & Revenue Worldwide Fluper
Forecast of AR Device & Revenue Worldwide

According to Statista, AR devices are projected to generate 54 billion U.S. dollars in revenue this year. Considering these facts, top iOS and Android app developers have decided to implement this technology to grab their target audience attention. Similar to any other complex system, working with the AR technology requires many components to make the system function properly, making it a hard nut to crack.

Major Challenges in Augmented Reality App Development

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App Development
Major Challenges in Augmented Reality App Development

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentLimited Hardware Capabilities

For any mobile app, one of the most crucial things is its hardware capabilities. When it comes to AR apps, but they may or may not function as per your expectations on every smartphone. These apps are quite advanced, hence need crucial hardware ingredients for proper functioning, such as processors, motion sensors, cameras, screens, connectivity, etc. Therefore, it is one of the major challenges for app developers which requires attention.

Currently, not all the devices are capable to run these apps smoothly, but the future is bright as more devices with better RAM and processors are being launched each day.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentLegal Issues and Regulations

As AR becomes more common, governments and local authorities will be forced to pay individual attention to it. The death and damages caused by popular mobile gaming app Pokémon Go are just one example of why regulatory guidance is needed in the field. Apart from that, most of the AR mobile applications require your GPS to be on so that they can be functional. Such permissions bring challenges associated with privacy needs. Privacy and safety concerns have been the center of discussion lately, especially with new regulations like GDPR emerging. While developing an AR app, it is important to set some worth needed regulations, which is also appreciated by the users as well.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentPublic Awareness

One of the most common challenges faced with Augmented Reality app development is that users still don’t know how to use these apps properly. The AR apps are used widely for entertainment and advertising, but other fields are still looking for responsiveness among the end users. This lack of public awareness makes the implementation of AR technologies quite difficult. Of course, if you are going to hire best app developers, then you won’t let them introduce or develop an app that has less than 10% of the population know how to use.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentLess Features

Another issue faced in the field of Augmented Reality app development is less phone’s features. For example, a smartphone may have an amazing camera capable of taking some of the best photos and video, but when it comes to AR compatibility, the camera fails to perform better and it is not compatible as per your expectation. Sometimes the mobile screen is not interactive or the phone lacks enough RAM to run an AR-based mobile application which is annoying.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentSoftware Challenges

App developers across the world also face software-related interoperability issues, when it comes to working with AR mobile applications. Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore are two examples of tools, which are used by app developers to build an AR app. While they seem to be quite promising and capable of simplifying app development, it’s still too early to declare them to be winning solutions. An android and iOS app developer has to build a new kit for AR application. These kits have to be well-suited with the phone model so that they can function properly.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App DevelopmentContent is Less

Content plays an important role in a mobile app. Augmented Reality apps might not be the best option right now for your business because they are limited in terms of content. This is one of the prime challenges mobile app development sector facing right now. App developers are struggling to keep up with the growing needs of the user and create engaging content.


No doubt, AR technology is great, but currently for app developers there are several hurdles when it comes to developing a perfect AR app. In this blog, you must have understood the facts that why these challenges need to be solved soon. The good news is that big tech companies have already spent billions of dollars on developing this technology. If you are thinking to develop an AR app, you must hire app developers from Fluper, who are having superior experience in AR and VR app development.

Challenges You May Face in Augmented Reality App Development

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