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There are few amongst us who keep searching for interesting applications on the app stores. Mobile application development companies toy with different ideas to come up with something, which is entirely different from the competitors. But, in rare cases, the particular idea is likely to fetch minimal to negative search results in the app store. I mean there are certain developers who have thought of defining mobile applications, which are capable of predicting someone’s death. Not going into the debate on whether they fetch authentic results or not, the very idea really triggers our grey cells as to the uniqueness of the concept. So, these creative people decided not to spare the supernatural world. Hence, applications start coming up wherein users are able to detect the presence of any spirit near to them or catch any paranormal activity in their vicinity. For all those users who have such interest can have a look for similar applications in both the app stores. Or else, refer to few popular applications capable of catching the spirits unguarded on the radar mentioned in the list given:

  • Ghost radar app, available on Google Play store, is capable of detecting and analyzing the presence of nearby spirits. This application has an incredible graphical user interface wherein the suspected spirits appear as ‘blips’ on the radar screen but offers no guarantee of authenticity pertaining to the results captured on the application. The maker of ‘Ghost Radar: Classic’ is the sole architecture behind this application as well. The one benefit that can be obtained by using this application is that this app works in the background while other apps and or social media can be accessed without many difficulties.
  • Ghost hunting tools feature easy-to-use EMF meters, EVP detection, and word analysis designed for beginners and professionals alike available on both Android and tablets. A variety of sensors fitted in the device gives easy access to EMF meters and EVP detectors to detect and hunt ghost and spirits. EMF meters are instruments to read fluctuation and anomalies in electromagnetic fields that work with the help of various sensors such as the magnetometer in-built into the device. EVP, on the other hand, are grunts, words, or even simple sentences, which are caught on tape during recording sessions. The results, however, are accurate or not can be determined. Mostly used for entertainment purpose yet this app garner a 4.0 rating in the Play store.
  • Ghost detector radar with a camera is an application available for iPhone users free of cost. However, the iOS application developers did not pay much heed to make it user-friendly. Numerous ads obstruct before you get anywhere near to the camera to conduct any paranormal investigation. Pay an additional $.99, you unlock extra new features to spot the entities and engage in actual communication. However, this is a great app to kill your boredom when in office.
  • Ghost Radar: Classic is an android ghost detecting application that runs a program to detect the manifestation of paranormal phenomena. The android app developers of Spud Pickles are the mastermind working behind the innovative components added to its interface. Turning on the application, you will be surprised to detect the presence of unknown and non-existent characters in and around your location. More so, the ghosts are reflected as green dots on the screen equipped with voice indicators and you can communicate with them.
  • Ghost Observer: Ghost Detector, an android application development service, is capable of detecting the presence of nearby apparitions. The graphical interface and the contents will convince anyone to have a go with this application. Yet the authenticity of the whole concept is put up for questioning since there is no regulation to guarantee the results are real. The application works on those mobiles that have inbuilt camera wherein the app screen will display a picture resembling a motion detector from aliens. You have to move the phone to catch the ghost resembled a point displaying on the radar. Besides that, the use of EMF and EVP sensors will catch every single spirit and there is no scope for them escaping the red light.

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Time to wrap up

Next time if you believe your house is registering active paranormal activities late night, there is no need to consult an occult or hire a priest. You have your own pocket ghost detector to catch them off guard. The mentioned five popular paranormal applications display results, which can trigger the chill to run down on your spine. And, for all those ghost hunters out there, you can play with your interest using either of the applications to catch a ghost or a spirit slyly seeping into your personal premise.

Since applications are also installed for entertainment at times, top-rated mobile application development companies such as Fluper recognizes this trend of creating something, which is fun filling than featuring heavy content.

Now, it depends on what kind idea you are building up for your application, availing the efficient service of a dedicated mobile app developer hired can serve to shoulder the responsibility of defining an outstanding mobile application for you.


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