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A few years back people were not much aware of what was Big Data all about. But ever since industries and even governments started making a gradual entry into the world of digitization, the true worth of Big Data is getting widely accepted as one of the most indispensable parts within any modern organization. As Craig Mundie, Senior Advisor to the CEO at Microsoft, aptly stated, “Data are becoming the new raw material of business”, irrespective of whether it is a mobile application development company or any electrical showroom. But of course, random data is of minimal value to anyone until and unless it is mined. Once mined, this data reveals the entire history and records of an organization, which prove to be a game-changer for any enterprise in taking informed data-driven decisions. And you can imagine the impact it can have on a particular organization if the competitor lays hand on such confidential data. Big data is that important in recent times.

There are statistical figures that point out to its already established significance. Let’s have an overview of the same:

Yet, only 0.5% of the entire data available is analyzed and effectively deployed. The core potentiality has been left untouched still.

Top-notch mobile application development companies like Fluper find ways to rob customers of their data through the applications that they develop. The apps seek permission from the smartphone user to gain access to their contacts, media libraries, and other applications. Such messages are nothing but an alternate way to gather user data. Coming from different sources in huge volume, such bulk data is of minimal value unless the company finds a data analytics expert to sort and analyze them. Hence.

  • Companies’ spend on big data technology is estimated to reach $57 billion this year.
  • Approximately Six million developers are involved with big data and advanced analytic worldwide.

And since, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”, as quoted by Daniel Keys Moran, computer programmer and science fiction writer, Big Data and data mining is likely to bring about more change to reshape the industries in the years to come. Before that are few biggest technologies currently trending in the year of 2018, are all set to give a touch of their influence on Big Data.

As Chris Lynch of Vertica Systems commented, “Big data is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening”, let us see. Which Are They?

  • The cluster of data that are piled up in the database of any organization requires careful mining but with the help of human participation. However, Machine Learning, a type of artificial intelligence, which is currently in high demand, seeks to convert the computers into a self-reliant electrical device capable of self-learning to observe and act out independently in the absence of human interference. Such a technology compels companies to make the huge investment in acquiring more data to help them in their work.
  • Big data carries heavy information with the objective to help companies make informed data-driven decisions. But the present situation demands more of Predictive Analysis based on information-rich data such that companies can strategies for the future more accurately as against the traditional decision making procedure.
  • Who can overlook Block chain Technology, loaded with endless capabilities to store any form of digital data in a secure environment? Irrespective of the fact that this particular framework has been only used for crypto currencies yet it did display the potentiality that can be best harnessed for data sourcing and mining digitally to cater other sectors as well.

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  • Big data in collaboration with Internet of Things promise to open up endless possibilities and opportunities for the companies especially logistics, eCommerce, and few others spread across a large geographical area to lay hands on huge big data and carefully mined to incorporate the information for the betterment of the organization.
  • Top-rated mobile app development companies who are well versed in latest technology trends such as AI, ML, IoT etc. aim at developing mobile applications incorporated with the latest updated features. Big Data is the lifeline for such Intelligent Apps who deploy ML and AI technologies to study the customer search history and offer services matching their taste and preference.
  • Enhanced Security Service with Artificial Intelligence converts the machines into self-dependent systems to identify and filter out unused data from the rest in the absence of human help thereby emerging as a robust tool to safeguarding crucial data from the cyber criminals. AI is a must-have defense mechanism for companies, which depend entirely on big data.

Now, there are probably many other technologies, which work behind elevating Big Data influence for 2018. Just named a few here. Anymore suggestions?? WRITE TO US….

Final notes

Napolean Bonaparte, once said, “War is 90% information.” We but have to agree that he was right. In present times, companies, as well as nations, are in a state of war maybe not literally but they are. Companies and enterprises develop applications vying with each other in the sole attempt to beat out the hardcore competition. And only those survive who make data-driven decisions wisely and strategist based on predictive analysis. The person who has data that are more useful wins the war. And when mobile phones dominate the situation currently, the best application development companies like Fluper develop apps which are intelligent enough to capture and my big data accurately within a safe environment to offer the appropriate service to the end user beating the other competitors in the race.

BIG DATA is that important TODAY!!!

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