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Intermittent fasting has evolved as one of the best measures to streamline your eating habits and make a steady dieting regime. It’s a pattern where you cycle between periods of fasting and eating. Various studies across the world have proven that intermittent fasting can help a lot in weight loss, improving metabolic health, and eventually protecting yourself from various small diseases that are caused due to overeating.

Maintaining a perfect intermittent fasting regime becomes quite complex for most people as they are unable to track their food habits. There are various intermittent fasting apps available on the app stores that you can download but only few among them are capable of delivering desired results. Moreover, there are several different intermittent fasting methods which are split into days, weeks, eating periods and fasting periods. To keep it streamlined, you really need an app that perfectly suits your fasting requirements and deliver dedicated routines to be on the right track. In this blog, we have thoroughly tested and evaluated some best intermittent fasting apps for both Android and iOS users to get you an intelligent intermittent fasting tracker.


This is one of the best intermittent fasting apps that consists of an intermittent fasting clock to limit your eating habits and keep them under control. Its eye-catching interface makes it easy to explore various exciting options to maintain a better and healthy eating habit. It offers various useful features where you can track your water limit, monitor your fasting cycle, and allows you to use a Window with SIRI. You can manually manage the start and end of your fasting period and easily monitor your weight changes in dynamics. The progress tracking features allows you to see your journey in a timeline where you can add photos and notes on your results.

Once you download this amazing intermittent fasting app, you just need to define how long your fasting will go on and then choose a plan to customize your eating window duration. The comprehensive user interface will allow you to track your progress in smart timeline. You can choose among various fasting plans and apart from some free features, you an also subscribe for a premium package to get an enhanced experience for your intermittent fasting regime.

Fast Habit Intermittent Fasting

Fast Habit Intermittent Fasting FastHabit Intermittent Fasting

This is another smart intermittent fasting app that works ideally for both beginners and regular users who are looking for a streamlined fasting plan. The app includes timely reminders, calendars, statistics, and many more features that you can easily link with your smartwatch to get desired outcomes. The motivational stats and progress report will keep your fasting regime adamant. You can have a clear view of your fasting journey with percent complete, time remaining, and with target end. The app offers various exciting features to keep your fasting plan flexible where you can easily edit it, stop, restart, or even adjust your fast anytime.

The app also allows you to track weight loss where you can log your weight records and choose among different weight units like KGs, Lb, and stones. You can choose days and times when you want reminders to start fasting and get active notifications when the fast ends. The getting started guide will offer you valuable insights on your intermittent fasting and can also import your fasting data.

Life Fasting Tracker

Life Fasting Tracker

This is one of the most convenient weight loss apps that allows you to set a goal, follow it without any hurdle, and end it with required commitment. The app has everything to add to your experience while fasting where you have complete flexibility to manage and control your eating habits and fasting regime. The Android app development company has delivered a smooth interface where you can easily explore different options to keep your intermittent fasting flexible and convenient. The app allows you to join various fasting challenges and then track your progress by comparing it with your friends and peers.

There are various research-based articles and videos available on the app that will help you to get good insights over your fasting. The app proudly claims that half of its overweight users have lost more than 10 pounds weight within three months. You will find several exciting features related to weight management, heart health, and insulin sensitivity.



The app has successfully gained more than 19 million users worldwide who boast about exciting and useful features of this app to lose their weight through effective and smart intermittent fasting. You will see more than 10 fasting options on the app among which you can easily select an apt ne according to your fasting or health requirements. You can track your weight loss and body measurements and this acts as a constant motivation to keep you on the right track during the entire fasting period.

The water tracker feature available with this intermittent fasting app sends you active reminders for drinking water and in what quantity. The best part of the app is that it’s an ad-free app where you can steadily head towards your set fasting goals without any distractions. The app itself is a knowledge pool of intermittent fasting and you can get quick insights on following the best fasting regime. The body fast coach calculates the fasting plan and keeps you motivated throughout your fasting regime. Collect virtual trophies for your health and fitness challenges and progress on them.

Ate Food Diary

Ate Food Diary

One of the best intermittent fasting apps that has transformed umpteen lives by binging significant changes in their weight loss and health factors. An easy-to-use app that will help yu to eliminate your bad food habits and motivate enough to healthy eating. Once you download the app, you can log with meals quickly in three simple steps and get started with your intermittent fasting regime. The app offers a log on the food that you ate and evaluate how good is your eating habit and what needs to be changed in it.

The app has several exciting features that will help you to quickly capture meals using photos, have a glance on most recent meals using widgets, record water, activities, and daily notes. Moreover, you get the chance to experiment some best food habits and then track the changes that it brings to your health. You can easily choose among various fasting plans according to your fasting requirements and share it on social media (if you want). You can also subscribe for premium package for enhanced user experience with the app.

Rise Up

This is a wonderful dieting app that is focused much towards dieting plans and eating disorders. The Android app development company has effectively developed this scientifically-based app that involves several useful features to track your weight loss and follow the food habit as per your physique. Moreover, the app also helps you to get rid of bad eating habits and follow the best regime to stay healthy and fit. The app is designed mainly for eating disorder help that is based on behavioral cognitive therapy. You just need to register for the app and export summaries to CSV, access professional treatment on your fingertips, and set reminders for your dieting plan.

End note

People are getting more curious about their health and fitness and intermittent fasting is an effective way to get started with some good eating habits and evaluate your metabolism system for further experiments. All these intermittent fasting apps are capable enough to carry on a steady intermittent fasting regime and transform your health with desired changes.

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