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Do you have any idea how many applications make their way into the app stores on a daily basis? Top mobile application development companies are always bringing out new applications every day every minute every second and we users remain ignorant of them. Only the popular ones make their way into our smartphones. But, what about the others? It is not always that such apps are not worthy enough to even cast a glance at.

So, here is the week-gone-by updates on the top 10 android apps that made its place in the Play store recently.

List of Top 10 Google Play Store Android Apps


A 4.4 rated application guarantees unforgettable travel experience to the users. Like any other travel application, you can plan your holiday to visit places far away or near you. You can book hotels, chalk out your sightseeing plans and earn in return as a host. Avail home rentals, get travel recommendations and add notes to create your own travel document. Moreover, your experiences shared across sites and host guidebook.


A 4.2 pointer, LinkedIn continue to remain one of the popular applications, especially among a younger generation. Few prefer connecting to professionals in the different field for job offers across this platform more than searching them at different job portal sites. This platform proved to be the perfect one to stay in touch with your professional relationships. And a lot more facilities are offered if you keep your profile updated. This is but obvious not hidden from the readers. So we move to the next app.


A camera and photo filter application rated 4.2 in the Google Play store is the perfect platform to make a display of your creativity, share and earn from your masterpiece by joining a community of over 20 million creators around the globe. There is perfect opportunity to be discovered, exposed and win prizes. You can post your taken snaps for use by media agencies and brands such as Apple Music, Converse, Spotify, and Canon. You can have control over copyright and save any case of infringement at the same time benefit yourself with valuable tips from other passionate photographers around the world.

WeVideo Video Editor

This is a video editor application, which has managed to bag a 4.1 rating for itself and is decked with features that necessitate proper editing of a recorded moment. Google has updated its Android excellence apps last week emphasizing their optimization, designs, and functionalities allowing a user to capture or create, edit and publish videos on Android.  Videos thus created can be easily shared across different social media sites. Library of different filters and features available to create personal stories and share memories.


Another top-rated application has around 400 other apps such as Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, and devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Philips Hue, and your Android working together to offer endless services to increase your overall productivity. Turn on Applets and discover how simple your life can be: fully sorted and carefully planned.


This application received 4.6 ratings in the Play store and comes as a savior for the spendthrifts to properly plan your budget. Reminding you of bill payments, track unnecessary spending and estimating monthly budgets gets simpler at Mobile. Now you can create your personal finance plan and expense accordingly. Save up enough to take tours and meet unplanned requirements. This application is free of third-party ads.


Counter your rising calorie with the help of this popular calorie counter application to track your daily habits and manage your diet to help you burn down those extra fats from your body. Completely free of cost application is the perfect medium to fight overweight issues faced by most of us. This has received 4.6 stars in Google Play store.

Period Tracker Clue

This application received maximum ratings in Google Play store and can benefit the forgetful minds. A period tracker and ovulation application wherein scientific data are utilized to figure out the unique patterns menstrual cycle follows. It serves as a reminder alerting you to your period date, PMS, ovulation, and fertility. Dozen other features available can also help you plan out for pregnancy when required. Rated by Obstetrics & Gynecology, a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), this application is worth looking into.


A free and the only free VPN service that is FREE of malware, privacy-invading ads, bandwidth limits and stay away from stealing or selling user data. It is compatible with any device available in the market and is occasionally funded by optionally paid plans.


Yet another application, which is compatible with any smartphone available in the market, that runs on an Android operating system. Few of us out there enjoy changing the wallpaper or home screen of their smartphone quite frequently. Adding spices to our lives can break the monotony. Hence, this particular wallpaper application gives you the authority to theme a map to create beautiful wallpapers to perfectly fit your smartphone. Just pick up the ‘style’, ‘location search’ and press the ‘Save’ button and you have your customized wallpaper decking your smartphone home screen.

Wrapping up

I am sure you are bound to get endless benefits if you consider installing any of the mentioned applications. You have to be proactive and keep yourself updated with latest features these applications keep coming up with. Now, top-rated mobile application development companies similar to Fluper are always juggling with ideas to develop new apps. Stay tuned to our site to get weekly updates on top android applications that features in play store time-to-time.



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