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The global management consulting company & professional services firm Accenture has developed proprietary automation software that is known as SynOps. According to researchers, it is revealed that it will cut down 40,000 jobs within the company. The tech giant is putting this automation software for sale and any mid-to-large-sized companies can use this software to automate their lower-level employees out of jobs. The consulting firm took 5 years to build this latest platform i.e., SynOps. This will prove helpful in automating processes in various areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, and procurement. The group chief executive officer of Accenture Operations, Debbie Polishook has said that all workers have been retained by the company. Well, Accenture currently employs about 469,000 people. Accenture Operations once used human workers to handle routine-data entries as well as customer service tasks for clients. Now, experts are thinking that this new software will help clients’ achieve further savings and hence eliminating the need of humans.

Nirav Sampat, Accenture Operations’ group technology officer, said the SynOps platform sits on top of a company’s existing databases. He further added that this software can do things like predict which invoices are likely to be rejected because their terms don’t match the contract. Well, the latest system also allowing Accenture’s clients to benchmark their processes against other companies in the same industry. Now, Accenture’s clients can set their custom rules for whether a system will process something automatically based on the artificial intelligence software. You can understand this suppose a system is handling routine insurance claims then a company might allow it to automatically pay those claims. On the other hand, if its confidence fell below that threshold, then the claim would be routed to a human claims handler with further delay.

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In other cases, this automation platform means Accenture is able to perform the same job for clients for less than it has billed in the past. Polishook also said the company charges clients either a fixed fee or, more commonly to handle their outsourced job. Well, Robotic process automation is a fast-growing area for enterprise software. Earlier, UiPath was an only company that provides RPA software and has received about $450 million in venture capital funding in September 2018. Beside this, Blue Prism Group Plc is another competing company that is currently valued at 890 million pounds. “This latest invention is not all about to get rid of human but to make them more productive as possible and get them to focus on the work that a human really needs to do”,  said by Polishook.

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