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The IoT technology has significantly affected our day-to-day lives and the way we make use of our devices which are connected to internet. IoT is a giant network of connected devices and people. These connected devices collect and share data about the way they are used and about the environment around them. These devices are connected to in-built sensors that are also connected to an IoT platform. The basic idea is to integrate data from different devices and apply analytics to share the most relevant information with applications built for specific needs. From smart TVs to self-driving cars, from fitness devices to smart homes, IoT has certainly played a crucial role in making best use of prevalent technologies to act smarter.

IOT Trends 2022 –

The IoT technology has been now used with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to improve business operations, boost profits, and to reduce overheads. In this blog, we will discuss some upcoming IoT trends 2022 that will transform various sectors including mobile app development.

Focus on security

Focus on security

Witnessing some major cybersecurity threats in recent times, there will be an enhanced emphasis on complex safety challenges across the globe. We have seen that the network of connected devices remains vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to Statista, the number of interconnected devices has reached to almost 10 billion in the end of 2021. The IoT providers will be focusing much on highlighting the existing security measures. As the diverse and distributed system of IoT is vulnerable to security issues, there will be a much-enhanced emphasis on security measures to ensure secured data storage and sharing.

Broader Scope in Manufacturing

IoT works on sensor technology that an allow managers to sense any problem related to machineries well before they occur. IoT can prove to be much resourceful in handling preventive maintenance in manufacturing sector that will eliminate production delays due to failure of machineries and plants. Moreover, the use of wearables will also allow workers to see a clearer picture of factory conditions and safety measures. Both IoT and wearables will effectively connect on-ground operations with management and by connecting wearables to mobile devices will surely enhance time management, safety issues, and feedback system.

Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning

By expanding the scope of IoT network in form of IoT Analytics will allow systems to trigger alerts regarding data transfer to network cores. As these networks will operate in low-latency, it will certainly enhance performance of businesses and will facilitate real-time data sharing. By integrating Machine Learning and AI with data streams, the integrated IoT Analytics will directly feed into Machine Learning mobile apps. As a result, IoT data will be sold as a commodity that will be target by most appliance manufacturers. There will be also an increased focus on combining some emerging technologies like cloud databases, data warehouses, automation and analytics to keep their businesses resilient.

IoT in Healthcare

IoT in Healthcare

Healthcare industry has been already playing with this technology for years. The sector utilizes wearable sensors along with some amazing and interactive apps developed by any wearable app development company. IoT has much capabilities to improve light and temperature control in in OTs, ICUs, and other highly sensitive areas. Lighting plays a crucial role in a patient’ recovery and thus, IoT can certainly enhance this system up to great level by linking them to health monitors and deploying sensors. Telehealth visits have paved way for people to get instant medical attention even from remote. Integrating it with Blockchain, there will be a great scope for making effective and efficient use of real-time data by tracking patient’s condition and all the crucial medical reports.

IoT in App Development

IoT in App Development

The most magnificent changes that IoT technology has brought in any IoT app development company is its connectivity and community support with connected devices. Whatever aspects that have been discussed till now, all these sectors will require a mobile app to integrate IoT and then perform various operations with the help of interactive and fluid mobile apps. To develop high-end mobile apps, developers need to use several open-source frameworks that are based on IoT for data sharing. Instead of connecting devices with Wi-Fi or cellular devices, developers have to make sure that the apps connect to the IoT network.

Moreover, there has been a major shift towards web-based and cross-platform app development across the globe. Developers will be focusing on developing more advanced and sophisticated mobile apps with exceptional user experience and unmatched interaction.

The Emergence of Smart Cities

IoT will play a crucial role in developing smart cities across the globe by connecting utilities, parking meters, traffic lights and many more things to bring absolute convenience and flexibility in metro cities. According to Statista, the global spendings on smart cities will soon reach USD 158 billion till the end of 2022. Social, financial, and environmental aspects of urban living will reach new heights in the coming years with the help of this technology.

End Note

We are living in a digital era where connectivity and comfort is always on a high priority and IoT has much potential to transform both aspects in the coming years.

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