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What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) that helps create apps, web, and desktop through a single codebase, compatible with iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop. It defines views of multiple platforms using a single Application program Interface (API).

Android App DeveloperThe underlying reason for Flutter to flourish as an app development framework across platforms so quickly was its ability to use User Interface (UI) as per current technology and market requirements. Leading mobile app development takes the best advantage of Google, Groupon, eBay, etc.

The various features that make Flutter platform-friendly are many and discussed herein under:

Free of Cost

Being an open-sourced free-of-cost platform, Flutter allows the implementation of code and other utilities with an open developer discussion board.



Flutter allows both, backend changes and analysis of front-end distinctions through its scorching reload performance feature. It also defines the compatibility with components of appliances from the changes made.



Flutter helps the developers in creating mobility by using different widgets in the development of an application. It results in customization for mobile app development.


Cost-Effective Development

The cost of developing an app reduces due to the use of a single codebase for creating native-like apps, both for iOS and Android platforms.


Google Firebase

It is Google’s app development and improvement platform for mobiles, which allows Flutter backend facilities. Any certified android app development company would know how to make the best use of this feature.


Ease of developing MVP and App Prototypes

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) enables optimization of customers’ requirements in a cost-effective manner, and Flutter allows this factor both in Android and iOS apps, as also in building prototypes. These are some of the prominent features Flutter, and an app developer should be aware of these features. You should consider all these facts if you are planning to hire android app developer

What is Kotlin?

It is again an open-sourced programming language that combines object-oriented and functional features in Android and Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin Multiplatform complies with JVM bytecode, JavaScript, etc. and can be used for Android, iOS, Web, Desktop, and backend development. It is an essential programming language for any android app development company. 

It is an SDK

Kotlin is a Software Development Kit and not a framework that allows progressive migration of different components in app development. The shifting of the complete app is done away with as it can start with a single module, the working model can be ascertained before finalization. If you are planning to hire android app developer, you need to make sure that he has complete knowledge of its features.


Simple Language

In contrast to Flutter, Kotlin language is more natural to understand, as it’s syntax is similar to Swift, Java, Groovy, etc. for any mobile app development.


Logic Reuse

The shared logic and libraries within the UI layer, make Kotlin unique and allow developers to work in tandem in native surroundings.


Native UI

It is multiplatform, and therefore, it’s developers can operate similarly to native on designing appearance, and efficiency appliance.



The scalability and flexibility features in app development are well taken care of as the developers can do away with the utilization of any Virtual Machine (VM). It scales up the applications for mobile app development.

Differences: Kotlin Vs. Flutter



Both Kotlin and Flutter are open-sourced, free-of-cost platforms, but Flutter earns more considerable momentum as compared to Kotlin.


Efficiency Parameters

The users can make changes in the backend that are concurrently depicted in front-end and thus gives hot reload functionality. It enables knowing the status of elements and design in Flutter.

Whereas, in Kotlin, being multiplatform, its usage is advantageous for cross-platform development as it compiles code explicitly with the same format.


User Interface Status

Flutter allows exposure to various widgets, which help effectively create mobility solution ions in mobile app development.

Whereas, in Kotlin, the directions need not be followed for creating User Interface in app development. The app appearance, behavior, etc., shall be similar for the app developers as it would be for native.



Flutter takes the help of Dart programming language that is reliable, and it supports object-oriented elements. Dart is easily accessible to the developers, as well.

Whereas, Kotlin, being a statically typed language, interoperates with Java and targets JavaScript, Native, etc.



Both Flutter and Dart are free-to-use platforms that enable the developers to enhance various functional capabilities.

Whereas, Kotlin, is available on Git-Hub and can be easily downloaded and installed in mobile app development.



Flutter enables the user to conduct unit testing for widget due to its documentation on trial, allowing UI examination and its operations at unit test speed.

Whereas Kotlin provides backend development services, it allows the developers to create backend code.



Flutter, being compatible with iOS and Android platforms, is ideal for MVP development.

Whereas, in Kotlin, the developers require third-party libraries and tools for native development.



Flutter, being a Google product, is fast flourishing in the market. Whereas, Kotlin is also fast becoming popular, with Google gradually becoming Kotlin-oriented, as many Java apps are being re-written in Kotlin.

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As discussed above, both Flutter and Kotlin are cost-effective, efficient, and time-saving platforms for mobile app development functions.

Both Flutter and Kotlin are equally compatible with native and cross-platform mobile apps, and both are time-saving and cost-effective for improved application performance.

Ultimately, it can be concluded that the cross-platform in-app development shall be more focused shortly, and therefore, Flutter is going to be the preferred choice in application development.DisclaimerMedical App Development Copany

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