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With the advancement in technology, we have a Smartphone, better internet connection and thousands of mobile apps to choose from according to our needs. This is why there is app for almost every industry and health and fitness industry is no exception. In fact, health and fitness industry is the fastest growing industries in the world.

Have a look at some of the statistics below.

iconAccording to Sensor Tower data, revenue from the top 10 health and fitness apps increased by 61% in 2018.

iconThe global health and fitness market size (mobile-based) is growing at 44% and is expected to hit 110 Billion USD mark by 2025.

Many businesses are now moving towards Health and Fitness Mobile App Development in order to leverage their knowledge in health and fitness industry. In this blog, we will have a look at all trending types of health and fitness apps available to users. There are thousands of fitness apps available on the app store already though not all of them are received greatly by users.

There are reasons for it which will discuss later while discussing the features. Let’s now have a look at the different types of health and fitness apps available to users as of now.

Types of Health and Fitness Applications

health and fitness app development

iconActivity Tracking Apps

Activity tracking applications find its way in many of our days to day activities. This type of application can help a user for activities like cycling, running or exercise. If you are looking for developing a health and fitness app, then you can include metrics as calories burned, distance covered, etc.

While developing fitness app to track the activity of users you can consider integrating it with a wearable device or simply making these apps for wearable devices. Remember that these apps work better with wearable devices.

One more thing which you can consider to implement in your activity tracking app is Social Integration. Adding the social integration feature will allow users to share their daily targets or achievements to their social networks. If you are looking to have an app that works on the same model, then consider looking at the Fitness tracker app with effectively uses GPS and allows sharing and support to wearable devices.

Activity tracking app

iconWorkout and Exercise Apps

Workout applications help a user to do exercise by the help of instructions. Though there are already some apps like Fitbit coach and MapMyFitness which you can use to take an idea of the features in some of the most used fitness apps. These apps can provide:

iconVarious exercise types

iconChoose a Coach or trainer

iconSelect exercise levels

iconTime counter for each set

Being a leading Mobile App Development Company, some of the features which our clients want often include push notifications, payment integration, selecting a personal trainer, target analysis, etc. Moreover, you can provide instructions in video or text with graphical image format based on what your model is. In general, health and fitness apps are not higher in numbers when it comes to providing video content. This is where you can take advantage of building a perfect solution for users.

iconDiet and Nutrition Apps

We all know that the right amount of diet and nutrition is essential for bulking or losing weight. Having a proper intake of calories and fluid is essential to maintain the right levels of fitness. A Diet and nutrition app must keep track of a user’s intake of food.

Have a look at some features to be included in such apps:

iconShopping app integration

iconFood Recipe

iconSocialization sharing

iconPush Notifications

iconCreating account

Let us discuss them one by one. Shopping app integration will help a user to look for the right food of the right quality from related stores. You can include some recipes to help users prepare healthy food themselves. Moreover, sharing is an important feature which would allow users to share it in the community motivating others to do the same. In the end, push notifications would enable a user to keep boredom aside and staring working at something beneficial.

iconYoga/Meditation Apps

The reason why you should go for developing a meditation app is that such apps have a high retention rate. The reason being mediation unlike exercise needs daily sessions of any length of time. A yoga or meditation app can have the following features.

iconSpeech-based instructions

iconVideo or graphical representation

iconCreating sessions

iconPersonal Trainer

Though you can go for a dedicated yoga or meditation app over the recent past we have seen some businesses integrating all features in one app. Many a time some app developers wish to include personal training as an important feature.

iconPersonal Trainer App

Personal trainer app has become extremely popular over the recent past. Such an app can allow users to be registered as a trainer. The features of a personal trainer app would consist of the following points.

iconA user can send a video of training

iconTrainer can contact a user and vice-versa

iconLive streaming

iconArrange a session with a trainer of the user’s choice

iconPayment integration

The basic purpose of building such an app would be to provide trainers a platform to share their knowledge and earn for being their coach or trainer. Live streaming would help a user to share his video with the trainer and the trainer can then give feedback to it.

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Features to Have in Your Health and Fitness Application

Have a look at some Key Feature which you can include in your Health and Fitness Application.

iconLog In

Log in is an essential feature to include in a health and fitness app as it is based on tracking your body’s progress. Moreover, an app could be built by allowing in-app login feature through social media networks like Facebook, Gmail, etc.

iconSocial Media Integration

Not only you need to integrate your social media accounts but allow the achievements to be shared on social media sites. The app should be able to share videos or Photos clicked during workouts to be sent to multiple people.

iconWearable Support

The Trending Mobile App Technologies like wearable app development you intend to build must have support for wearable device as wearable devices are easy to use in outdoor workout activities compared to a Smartphone. A Wearable Mobile App Development Company can make your job easier.

iconUser Activity Tracking

Activity tracking of a user to be updated with the work he has put in. Moreover, a user should be able to see calories burnt, miles or km walked and time is taken to complete a routine.


It helps a user to see the walking routes and build them. Make sure your app has the geolocation feature to allow users to track their positions and record their workouts.

iconPush Notifications

Allow your app to send users with notifications, moreover, exercise and sports are such a routine which should not be avoided or missed. Take care that you don’t send too many notifications as it can be annoying at times.

iconSetting Targets

Settings up targets allow an individual to focus on their goals and plan ahead thereby constantly improving their performance. It is a must to have a feature which should include notifications as well.


Workouts differ depending on the app type. Make sure you include all the relevant workouts with levels to choose from. Moreover, allow users to make custom workouts and goals to accomplish.

iconPayment Integration

As many of the app features are paid, this makes it essential to have a payment feature which can allow users to select their pro feature and use their selected method to pay.

iconCustomizable Settings

Applications are all about user experience. For this, you can allow the app to be customizable which will make users make changes in the way the app is displayed to a user.

How Much Cost Will It Take To Develop A Fitness App?

The exact cost depends on a lot of factors which include the reputation of the company, Prior experience, and collaborations of a company, the price per hour of it and of course the complexity of features.

fitness app development

A rough estimate of the cost to build a health and fitness app would be anything around $12,000 to $18,000 USD.

                                         Let’s Wrap This Up, Shall We?

I hope that the above set of ideas will help you to make a better plan to make the best health and fitness app that the world could see. The health and fitness industry is growing and opens up great opportunities for businesses and individuals to set their entrepreneurial dreams to come true.

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