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Considering 3.5 million apps in Google Play store and counting, not to mention Apple App store as well as third-party stores, the digital space is literally overpopulated with applications. ‘APPS EVERYWHERE!’ So also the real world, isn’t it? There must one mobile application development company in a group of three when compared to the Global market standards. But very few amongst them actually stand to carve a significant space for itself in the real world. As a normal smartphone user, consider how many times do you go back to the installed application after the initial interest phase wears out? Even though the application developers try their best to reconnect with the existing users through push notifications still the majority of them are already lying in the phone’s trash.

Yet there is definitely a big BUT. Well! Honestly speaking of the few applications that have managed to continue to remain in the users’ smartphones for quite some time. One can argue such apps can be categorized under Commerce/ fashion genre, still, there are others outside the group that has made a mark in the market strongly. Example: Musical.ly, originally masterminded by a Chinese company co-founded by Louis Yang and Alex Zhu.

Therefore, coming back to the main topic, there are certain applications similar to Musical.ly that has managed to create quite an impact in the minds of the users:

iconBYJU’s- The Learning App

You have the superstar of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan endorsing it.



You find the social media such as Facebook filled with posts on users throwing challenges at each other.



Yet again an on-demand service provider grocery application have Shahrukh Khan as the endorser along with a well-renowned veteran actor, Ratna Pathak acting out in the latest television ad.



Build up your good disciplined life by tracking your every movement around the day to verify the time spend on each, an application designed just for that. Build your good habits and master your skills right on this application.


Cleanline- Laundry made easy

Here is an example of equally helpful and on-demand laundry application, a much-needed digital service for urban people mostly.



Stay trendy with cool styles at rates that you can easily afford in a blink. Who did not hear about Ajio?? If not, scan the web.

Then we have food application such ‘Deliveroo’, Uber-like taxi app such as ‘Taxi Berlin’ and an app for banking service, ‘Dhanlaxmi’.

All of these are noteworthy applications you are likely to spot in any random smartphone user. But who masterminded them, is the question here? Therefore, without wasting a single world, let’s get acquainted with the best mobile application development companies that gave birth to such unique apps.

We begin with the company who is the pioneer of both BYJU’s as well as Big Basket. You guessed it! We are actually referring to FuGenx

FuGenX, one of the top-notch amongst the leading mobile application development companies, have just displayed to the world how an application must be constructed to fetch worldwide acclamation. They have brand endorsements done by superstars with the investment made for broadcast media. The company must have done something right to allow the client expense so much on brand building. When they write on the website, “Innovation is our passion. Creativity is in our blood”, do not think they are exaggerating their talent. Just have a look at the apps and you will know.

Fueled is next in line with the ever so popular brainstorming application, ‘QuizUp’. If you ever took part in the challenges put up in the same application, then you will know the efforts, intellects, wit, and innovation in quantity as well as quality that have aided in gradually building up such an application. Brushing up your knowledge and challenge, your peers on topics known to you can keep a user glued to the app for hours. What else is needed for a well-performing application similar to Fueled?

On-demand service provider applications are so much in demand. Consider the success story of Uber for instance. The company expanded from a cab booking to food delivery gradually infiltrating the on-demand genre. Then again, UrbanClap can also not be ignored when speaking about on-demand. Fluper is one such company who has considered the services required on-demand and their app development artistry is reflected through ‘Ajio, Taxi Berlin, Deliveroo and Dhanlaxmi’, each covering different genres.

Speaking about on-demand service, Konstant Infosolutions is right next in line to Fluper with their application, ‘Cleanline- Laundry made easy’. The name says it all. You can now get your dirty linen cleaned and ironed in no time. The creativity lies in such a realistic idea amalgamated with the in-house app building talent.

Last but not the least, we have AppInventive that has successfully bagged quite a number of global leaders as their esteemed clientele. The team has won at least 5 prestigious awards for the digital experiences crafted by them. As their website mentions, ‘Brilliance speaks for itself. It needs no introduction’, so there is really no need to waste words here. Check their website yourself.


All that is needed to jot down is the purpose of composing this particular blog. It was not written to chart out the history of top 5 mobile app development companies. Rather, the whole purpose is to introduce you to the 5 noteworthy application developers including Fluper who has contributed towards building something that is not scraped. Developing an application for a purpose is primary in the mobile app era.

So, hire dedicated mobile app developers either Fluper or the ones mentioned here to shape up your idea. If the mentioned apps can grab a space on your phone then I believe your idea can also get a space for itself.

Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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