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365 days are about to end on May 8th, 2018 for the much-awaited event of the year: Google I/O. Commencing from 8th May 2018 and lasting till 10th of May 2018, the developers’ conference is sure to attract endless speculations pertaining to what the world’s largest operating system has to offer. Top mobile application development companies and other big brands patiently await the outcome of the event to initiate their future planning process. And, since Registration is already closed for the forthcoming event, let us try and compile the promises already fulfilled which were made way back in Google I/O 2017.

google i/o 2017

Hey!! Hold on…You did not register yet for Google I/O 2018?? You missed your golden chance.

The scheduled event is yet again to stage at the expansive Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, California, back-to-back for three consecutive years right from the year 2016. Registration for the gigantic event has just drawn its curtain on 27th of February 2018.  BUT!! Admission to the conference depends yet again on the ticket lottery system.

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Flying Speculations…..

Already buzzing around the occasion two months ahead of the stipulated date. The flying rumors promise untold surprises for the android application developers around the world. One thing is ascertained and that is:

  • The new version of Android is likely to dominate the conference’s events.

Other expected announcements…..

  • Google’s Virtual Assistant, which drew sufficient attention from CES 2018 and Google I/O 2017, is likely to occupy the second position in the agenda.
  • Possible announcements on Google Photos can be a part of the conference agenda.
  • A session may be dedicated solely to Chrome OS and Android applications.
  • Android Wear surely makes way for this year’s conference as well.
  • There might be a session assured for ‘Daydream’ platform.
  • Yet no words were spoken on Android TV and Android Auto.

Now, to compare 2018’s expectations to that of the year-gone-by achievements, we need a Throwback to Google I/O 2017 Highlights.

  • Google Assistant, incorporated with Google Lens’ technology, aid in analyzing the surrounding and displays the content on the screen.
  • Smarter homes with Google Homes where Google has installed many more applications compared to its initial stage. The device is smart enough to cater visual responses apart from acquiring the role of an alternative to Bluetooth speaker as well.
  • Revamping Google Photos with added features such as ‘Suggested Sharing’, ‘Brand New Sharing’, ‘Shared Library’, ‘Photo Books’. Multiple functions are performed such as suggestions forwarded to share snaps with others in the click, sharing common images from the library automatically with specific persons, Machine learning technology compiles images from the album to get a physical copy printed and shipped at your doorstep within days and a lot more.
  • 360-degree YouTube support for YouTube Smart TV app enables the television remote pan around 360-degree videos on the television screen.

And finally,

  • Android Go, a new variant of the Android operating system, designed specifically to support areas that suffer from poor internet connectivity. It has been developed to support low-end smartphones and multilingual dialects.

android app development

Final notes

Few might argue that year 2018’s Google I/O conference looks less promising when bought in comparison to the previous year. Yet the best mobile application development companies eagerly await the event to begin their preparation for hi-tech applications to offer the equally curious android users.

Nonetheless, these are just speculations so far. Stay tuned with Fluper, one of the top-notch android app development company, for real-time I/O conference updates.

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