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Do you know? Mobile phone installs are growing at a speed of 5% year over year

With the rapid growth in the mobile app marketing there is more than 67 percent of people worldwide using smartphone devices to use different apps in it. But hold on this is only the one-sided story. Do you know that on an average rate approximately 1.7 apps are created in 1 minute and users end up only 10-15 apps installed on their phone monthly? Well yes, the number is shocking and so is the rate of competition.

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The number of apps people use daily has not changed much in the past few years, but this simply means that people are happy with their app choices and this creates a tough competition in the marketplace.

According to the latest report from BI intelligence, it is crucial for mobile app developers to implement unique strategies to keep triggering the rate of app downloads and retaining and engaging users. Countless numbers of business people dream of developing software products that will help them in boosting up ROI. And why not? Apps are surely an easier way to distribute your business products. But what if you have still not developed an app for your business?

Buck up guys! What are you Waiting for!

In this write up I am going to discuss the top 10 tips and tricks for android application developers that will help you to create a better mobile application. But before moving ahead one thing that I want to mention is that mobile app development process is crucial to keep the soul of the mobile app live by introducing the rich features in it. A right strategy will also keep your audience curved with you for a long run.

Things You Need to Add For Creating A Successful Application

Perspective of developing a creative mobile application

icon Navigation and Placement option

icon Optimize app for Different Devices & Screen Sizes

icon Feedback section

icon One task one screen

icon Rule of thumb

Tips that will Change your Perspective of Developing a Creative Mobile Application

10 tips and tricks for creating sucessfull mobile application

Research Market for Basics

The primary step while creating a better mobile application design begins with research. A thorough Research and analysis mean digging information from a variety of platforms such as market landscape, product owners, technology blogs, competitors and most prominently your users. Good market research helps you to mark features in the market that are usable and feasible for your application.

As for as my understanding is concerned, to make a product unique in the market you have to start things from the basics and offer consumers with the features that they are looking for a longer time.

Before creating an app it is crucial to discuss a few questions like – Does your product offer such features that people download your app? For illustration, if you are launching a food delivery application, your competitors are Zomato, Ubereats, Foodpanda, Swiggy and so on. In this case, your app needs to be highly exclusive and advanced to become the part of these above mentioned apps. This is the foremost golden tip to go after; among all others.

Don’t Design for Today

Due to hectic schedule millions of people use food delivery apps and the number is still rising day by day. So I decided, to consider this tip in this write up as it is important to stay updated with the latest trends of the marketplace. To do that, though, several developers have worked hard to know how to program mobile devices.

If you too are also focused on creating something that captures the interest of everyone then that’s a safe bet.

As we know technology is evolving so the app technology, so don’t design your app for today. Design your app by considering the future aspects so that by the time you come to the marketplace, the users like your app at first site. So focus on new and innovative things keeping the future in mind.

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Keep an Eye on the Latest Trends

From the past several years the mobile development world is evolving every single day. There are always fresh ways to create different looks and designs for your business needs that are based on new technologies, as every expert mobile app development company probably knows. Keeping up all these trends and innovations in mind, you can build an app that boom new ideas so that more and more new users markets use it.

Design with Affordances and Signifiers

The right set of affordances and signifiers plays a crucial role in the designing of an application that is sensitive and trouble-free to use. The design with the right affordances will certainly help you to recognize the link between the human mind and the latest technology. The signifiers and affordances help you to get more details about the same function. For example, blue text on the page indicates that clicking on it will redirect you to some other page. It is good to induce signifier’s in-app correctly so users don’t need to think about which UI element is used for which function. There are various types of affordances, which you can use in your app:

iconVisual affordance

iconLanguage affordance

iconPattern affordance

Releasing the App Updates on Time

Releasing the on-time updates for the application helps you to keep your audience happy and satisfied with your product. Developers must consider this point in their application development process. They must make certain that they are evaluating the app’s performances in the play store and App store from time to time to make necessary changes to it. To achieve an application that is easy to navigate and free of all the bugs it is important to release updates that boost the overall performance of your application. However, achieving this is not a difficult task, what you need is to just hire a leading mobile app development company that ensures to provide you with all the details about how to make a great new app that helps you to improve your business ROI.

Start with Small Markets

Breaking records is not a one day job as we all know:

Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour”

The same set of the rule is applied for every business. In this competitive marketplace, everyone business wants to crack the list of Top 10 in the UAE market, but somewhere it is easier to start your business in smaller market places in UAE. The number of installs your application needs to get to the Top 10 chart list in the UAE is competitive than in other countries. YES! To achieve success you cannot miss out on this step.

When it comes to designing a mobile app, make certain to build a promotion strategy simultaneously for your business app. This marketing promotion starts with in-app marketing to developing a good landing page and advertising the app on social media platforms. Even more considerably, you should spend some time in crafting a resourceful app description for the Google or App Store. The description of the application benefits your app like the career objective section on your resume!

Choose the ‘Freemium App’ Method

Choosing a “freemium option” is the best way to attract your audience. This option is somewhat different from others, these apps after a particular stage or level needs ‘upgrade’, to unlock restricted levels.

So here you go! As we know that every good thing comes at a cost, and the same goes for condition applies to apps. For example Candy Crush Saga; one of the worlds’ most used gaming apps. The app is free but if a user wants to acquire boosts, additional lives or open new level packs and can’t wait for the next life then users can purchase in-game upgrades to enjoy all the features.

This ‘Freemium’ route has helped Candy crush saga and several other apps on the play store and app store to widen their user base without losing fame.

Induce Quality Testing

Testing your app often helps to make your application bug free. Since your business mobile app will have both platform-specific and cross-platform specific code and components, that makes it important to test your app often. Don’t spend days without testing while working on any version either Android or iOS. It is recommended to test often your application; if something is not working on any of the platforms, you can right away identify the problem. So never ignore the testing part.

Think Like a User

When you put your feet in the shoes of the user, you will better understand the pitfalls of your application. Thinking like a user is the most vital step when it comes to building your business app. Be your own user and know how your app works. This step helps you to understand your app in a better manner. To understand things in a better manner, look around and examine other apps, evaluate and explore as much as you can.

As mentioned above, testing plays a crucial role in the successful mobile app development process. While testing your app, ask yourself a question: Would I use this application? Does this app fill my particular needs? If your answer is yes! Then most probably your users will like it too.

Use Interface User Guidelines

Using interface user guidelines helps you to know your target platforms. The best way to know your target platform is by using user interface user guidelines. This helps you to know what’s available to your app, and what you should ignore. It is important to understand the operating system you are working with and you are going to target on an everyday basis. This way you will feel like you systematically know their behavioral and design similarities and dissimilarities.

I suggest you take some time from your busy schedule and read the user guidelines thoroughly.

After reading the Android guidelines and iOS guidelines, you’ll end up with a wealth of information that will assist you to know each platform in a better way. This way you can build great design for user interfaces, and know what to look for in the API or, on the other hand, in a third-party module.


In a nutshell, several factors should be considered while creating a successful business mobile application and it is not possible, to sum up, everything in mere ten points. But, surely the above-listed tips and tricks would guarantee that your design ends up in a user-friendly design. However, if you want to add that “wow factor” then you have to dig things more deeply.

In the present situation, we are living in an age when no business can afford to overlook the power of mobile or the demands of mobile users. Learning how to properly develop and design mobile applications across all platforms is crucial and will certainly help your business in this competitive environment. With these above mentioned 10 tips, you are good to go for a successful Mobile App Development.

We at Fluper have been providing technological solutions to startups and multinational companies worldwide. We provide custom Mobile App Development Services in Qatar that efficiently suit your business. Our expert team works with you to understand for your business needs and then suggests how to make a great new app concept that will help you attain your business goals.

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