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As marketing trends vary from time to time, it is important to look at some of the trends that will make an e-commerce business to flourish in 2019. As the technology has evolved, it opens up new channels for businesses or startups to market their products.

Also, the consumer buying habits a few years back have changed a lot in the present time, all due to varied marketing techniques. In this blog, we will cover all those marketing trends which will continue in the second half of 2019 as well.

Top Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

We have seen the below trends in the ecommerce industry for a while now. Also as a leading Mobile App Development Company in uk, we are already working on most of these trends for startups, brands and enterprises .

ecommerce marketing trends

iconArtificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the e-commerce industry in the past few years. The technology can be implemented across all sorts of industries and applications. If we talk in particular to the e-commerce industry, Chatbot has become the need of every business. Moreover, it is up to you whether you wish to continue with a customer agent or implement AI-based Chatbot in your e-commerce business.

Have a Look at Some Statistics

iconForrester Research predicts that AI-related investments have grown by 300 percent in 2017.

iconGartner predicted that over 80 percent of all customer interactions will be done via AI.

iconLive chat has a customer satisfaction rate of 73 percent compared to 44% for phone support and 61% for email support.

This indeed shows that AI is the need of the hour as per digital trends for e-commerce is concerned.

iconMobile Commerce

Most of the famous e-commerce sites have a dedicated mobile application and a progressive web application apart from having a website. In the United States only, mobile commerce had a share of about 44.7% of all e-commerce sales in 2019. By 2021, an e-commerce sale is expected to be around 54% of all e-commerce sales in the US via mobile devices.

Moreover, mobile commerce is expected to have a share of 73 % of the total e-commerce market by 2021. This is why you should look for a Mobile App Development Services for building a scalable and efficient e-commerce app. Have a look at the retail conversion funnel below giving you an idea as to why m-commerce will be improved with an app.

mobile app global retail conversion

iconVoice and Visual Search

Ecommerce search has changed a lot in the past couple of years. The method of online browsing is also changing with modern search methods. One such search method is voice search. As per Google, 41 % of adults and 55% of teenagers use voice search at least once every day. Moreover, Image and voice search may reach up to 50 percent of all searches by 2020.

Not only voice search but also visual search by the way of images is also growing recently. This will improve the way e-commerce sites reach to searches. Though it is tough to be implemented, search engines are improving the technology to augment this type of searches effectively.

iconMore Payment Options

In the past, a lot of e-commerce customers used to rather go to some other website due to lesser or problematic payment methods. The scenario has changed now as not only Visa and MasterCard but also almost all credit and debit cards apart from payment apps have integration to pay via them. Some of the alternative payment methods which businesses must employ include:


iconGoogle Pay

iconCrypto currency


iconAugmented Reality (AR/VR)

Augmented Reality has provided users with the opportunity to get a better shopping experience. Though still, it is the development phase as not many e-commerce companies have included it in their websites and apps. But if you are just looking to buy a product, let’s suppose t-shirt from a website, it will show you 3D images of it and varied shapes and sizes.

Moreover, if you are looking to develop an application which provides a user with the ability to see virtual objects from websites directly put to their homes then you should consider AR App Development from a leading Top Mobile App Development Company.

Have a look at some of the statistics:

icon40 percent users as per retail perceptions.com said that they would be willing to pay more for a product provided they get AR experience

icon61% of users would prefer to shop at store providing AR experience.

iconCustomer Personalization

Ecommerce companies invest more in customer personalization as before. By this, they are able to monitor a user’s browsing behavior with the help of cookies. This helps them get some information about the way you browse. This is then directed to campaigns like Google PPC (pay per click) where a relevant ad is displayed to a user.

Moreover, personalization should include product recommendation as it affects conversion rates of businesses. So what you need to have personalization campaigns? Well, you need to know the details of users and then use remarketing campaigns to give them a better experience by changing your business strategies.

iconInfluencer Marketing

With more and more marketing trends making a wave, influencer marketing is one such trend which brands are looking to work with. Social media channels are a great way to market your brands thus more and more companies are changing the way they market on social media. This is where more and more brands are looking to sponsor their content to related influencers.

For this, businesses partner with people who have a higher social media following. Then those influencers can advertise the same product on their social media channels thereby bringing more sales and audience retention. According to the present trend, businesses look to market by sponsoring micro-influencers. Look at the data below showing higher engagement rates for micro-influencers.

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Gone are the times when you can survive on the basis of zoom feature for buying any particular e-commerce product. The importance of videos has increased considerably for e-commerce websites. Ecommerce users are not satisfied with the shopping experience that companies provide.

As per a report, 50% of e-commerce users said that their biggest concern with shopping from such apps or websites is that the product does not come out to be the same as presented. Moreover, more than 75 percent of users said that they get a higher level of confidence to purchase a product after watching a video.

iconImproving User Experience

Well, as a reliable Mobile App Development in uk company, we feel user experience is extremely important to drive higher sales. For these businesses can consider reinventing their business strategies by making changes in the design.

You can make changes in color schemes for different elements, Images, CTA size, and placement. One more thing you could do is to have a look at your competitors and its analytics (whatever available). By redefining your strategies, you can come at a conclusion as to which strategy works for you.

iconGrow With Brands

Social media opens up tons of opportunities for small businesses. This is why you can use social media platforms like Instagram and Shopify to sell your products on it. As per data from relevant sources, around 75% of Instagram users take an action after they view a post on its platform particularly those coming from brands.

E commerce latest trends

Thus with this, you can create a shoppable post where you can tag your products on your post. This makes it easier to buy products directly from the post without the hassle to open a browser and search for the website followed by a product search on it.

                                             Let’s Wrap This Up, Shall We?

I hope you liked the facts and figures and think that it will surely augment businesses to make a well-strategized business plan. Remember that the E-commerce industry will continue to bring success to you provided you implement all these trends to the best of your capabilities.

In case you have any queries about how you can implement this in your business plan or future application or website, then don’t worry we are here to help you out. Fluper has always been open for discussions with businesses and sharing its ideas about its implementation in an affordable way.

Have an E-commerce App requirement? Contact Fluper and book a free 30-minute consultation with our expert team now!

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