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Mobile apps have become the need of the hour for businesses of all sorts. Whether it is a business looking to expand its already existing services or is an entrepreneur looking to leverage his excellent app idea, an app is almost indispensable.

Businesses do have some great ideas that should never go unnoticed by the public. But from our experience as a recognized Top Mobile Application Development Company, we can say surely that most of these ideas do not come to fruition because of some mistakes.

Most of these mistakes come due to a weak app idea and the lack of expertise of your mobile app developer. This results in poor app performance after the launch of an application. And since your app has been poorly received by the audience this minimizes all the chances of converting sales or earnings through advertisements. In this blog, we will discuss all the mistakes that are committed by businesses and should not be committed in case you already have an app development idea.

Common Mobile App Launch Mistakes to Avoid

10 Mobile App Launch Mistakes That You Should Never Commit

 Market Research

You should remember that not every human on this planet is your target audience. Even the big companies who have a great network of millions of people target only the relevant audience while launching any product or services. While launching your app, you should consider doing proper market research.

Have a look at the graph below showing the most popular app store categories for 2017.

Most Popular Apple Store Categories in July 2017

If you go by the data in the graph, there is a great chance to get your app to success for categories like Food and Drink Health and Fitness. The reason for this is that there is less production of apps for these categories. Moreover, having to know the age, demography, and problems of user, you can efficiently build an app idea.

Not Validating an MVP

An MVP or minimum viable product should be determined prior to launch. If you are working with a widely recognized best mobile app development company, then you will understand how crucial having an MVP is. Well, MVP does not contain all the features that are supposed to be in the final app. Rather a few important features can be included keeping in mind the challenges faced by the audience in that domain. This helps businesses in finding the loopholes in its design and development. Once you have a review of your app, you can make changes before launching it on a wider scale.

No App Store Optimization

Many businesses do not consider laying much emphasis on having an app store optimization strategy. With our experience in developing successful apps for more than 300 businesses, startups, enterprises, and brands, we can surely say that ASO is so easy and crucial.

The reason for this is simple; there is comparatively lesser number of apps compared to the website. Hence, without proper research of tags and keywords, your app launch will not be successful. For properly having an ASO strategy, you need to have the below things:

iconProper tags





iconIcons and titles

So if you have already made an app, then just continue by giving it the right name that could possibly be what the users are searching for. The right set of ASO strategy can get your app featured on the app store in no time.

Not Improving User Experience

Once a user downloads your app, the next thing he does is to open up the app and look at its features. If your app is built with easy to understand features powered with relevant colours then chances are higher that the user will end up using your app for more than a time.

As a leading Mobile App Design Company in UK, we have seen many of our apps getting success after improving the design based on the user’s requirements. There is no shame in that. Remember that, your users are the final person to use the app, and not you. While you work on redesigning the app or creating wireframe for the app, consider having a look at user behaviour.

Avoiding Beta Testing

As we have informed above, post launch of your application is the time when you need to correct your app design, development, and marketing strategy. Beta testing lets you identify the bugs and allow you to correct them before the actual launch of your app. Most of the successful apps like Chrome or Instagram came up with their beta versions which received users input.

Hence, if you are thinking of directly launching an app, it’s up to you but beta testing is indeed quite essential. The reason for this lies in a company’s brand image. Once you have been received badly by the audience, then chances for further improving get lessen.

Lack of Effective Marketing

Well, there are many apps that have been built with great features but lack in the number of app downloads and revenue generation. The reason for this lies in the disability of your mobile app development company. Marketing, as perceived by many is not limited to app store publishing but has far many ways to market. It needs to be shared with your audience and starts with sharing to your social networking friends.

Write your blog, guest posting on reliable sources, social media marketing campaigns, and utilizing your app developer’s huge network can boost your app launch. This, in turn, will build trust in the users as their app is being recommended by reliable sources resulting in app download.

Not Marketing App until Development

We have seen with many businesses and startups that they rather want to get their app developed first followed by marketing just prior to the app launch. Marketing the app once you are done with initial phases of design and development helps you showcase to the audience about your upcoming app. Sharing it to the various networks as to how your app solves the existing problems goes a long way in creating a buzz about your app.

One more benefit of this move is that you can to know how much people are actually considering your release of app a better solution to the already existing apps. This helps you to redefine your marketing strategies to get even more success.

Underestimating Feedback

Once the mobile app is launched, then it is the time you will start getting feedback from the users. This highlights your app’s positive and negative points to other users. This is where we have seen many app developers do not lay much emphasis on the negative reviews and feedback while in actuality; feedbacks are given to improve certain things.

If your app is not being received well by the users, it is about the time you tighten your bags and start working on the weak points. Remember, it is useful feedback that matters and not yours.

Inability to Understand App Analytics

App analytics lets you understand certain things which cannot be understood otherwise. Many businesses are unable to rightfully understand insights like user retention, app abandonment, etc. This is where app analytics tools can help you out.

Free tools like Google analytics and many other paid tools are there to help you get an idea as to why your app is not getting the desired success. Moreover, this will help you to redefine your strategies as now your product is finally out to the public.

Overestimating Success

Being a highly successful iOS application development company in the UK, we would like to suggest that success in mobile apps does not come overnight. It requires a perfect mix of interactive and easy to understand designs, backed up skill development and marketing campaigns.

If your app has all such qualities as mentioned above there are great chances that your app will become a success. Even if your app does not go well with the audience, there is still time to improve it in next versions.

10 Mobile App Launch Mistakes That You Should Never Commit-2

Wrapping Up

Mobile app development is a tough task and so is the app launch task. It requires a lot of persistent efforts backed by proper strategies. Hence if you are about to launch your app in the near future, building strategies aimed at exploiting all channels of marketing is essential. Moreover, laying great emphasis on ASO can ensure you a success.

In case you have any app development needs, let Fluper know about it and get a chance to a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.

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