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Business Growth is topics which even the most seasoned businessmen would be interested in. And why not business strategies are made for a reason right? Driving more revenue and eventually expanding your products and services is the primary aim of most businesses.

So how to take help of already existing solutions which can drive your business growth in an upward direction. Well, in this blog, I will share some of the already existing yet great Enterprise Mobility App Solutions which Top Mobile App Development Companies use to drive its business to unexplored heights.

Best Enterprise Apps to Help Startups and Businesses Grow 

best enterprise app development company flupericonSquare Register 

If you are a business professional who wants but cannot accept payment requests and invoices or receipts, then Square register is the one for you. It is one of the best business management software which allows you to accept customer payments while you are out of the office. Isn’t it great?

With square register app you can convert your mobile phone into a credit card reader which can accept payments without invoicing and of course, eliminates the need for having a physical register. One more reason why the Square register is considered as one of the top startup tools is that it allows you to track your inventory and sales history and send previous transactions by downloading them as well.



You must have encountered situations in business or meetings when you feel that having a document or notebook is lost. That is such a painful situation to be in. This is where a digital notebook like ‘Evernote’ can be the one you were missing all now.

This is only possible because of growth in Global software market which has helped many entrepreneurs and business keep track of short notes in a more secure way. It all comes at an affordable package of 12 USD per month which you can find in its business edition. So free yourself from worries of internet connection or loss of documents and focus on building strategies you once had built but lost sight of it over the period of time.



If you are looking for an application that can ease out your company’s communication process, then slack could be a game changer. It has become widely popular in the previous years due to its simple yet intuitive interface and various collaboration features.

This is software which you would like to include in your business software list as it provides some more exciting features. This includes creating multiple groups for various teams and projects. For this, you can take its paid plan which starts at a meagre cost of 8 USD per month.


Rescue Time

mobile app development in UK

Want to take help from enterprise mobility services provider or an app developer to create an enterprise app which can save the time of your operations?

Well, with Rescue Time, which is a 5 star rated application from PCMag deserves a consideration. It simply allows you to track how you spend your time during a particular day or a week by tracking the reports you worked on. Moreover, it allows blocking certain websites which are wasting your time or distracting you from work. This masterpiece comes at a small cost of 9 USD per month for the pro version.



Most of the accounting businesses have long time been in search of a smart solution and asked enterprise application market leaders to create solutions that would help them streamline their business. This is where ‘Wave’ has emerged as a better option for small businesses running on a small budget.

Though it is not as good as Freshbooks, for small businesses that have simple accounting needs, the free version can be great to maintain your workflow in a better way. In case you are not a small business but a relatively larger one, then you can consider going with its paid version which has additional features.



‘Basecamp’ is a project management application, which helps you manage your employees’ task in a better way. It does not matter whether you are at the office or not, you can always stay involved in all the activities of your office work with this application support.

I personally think it is one of the best enterprise business tools, available to businesses of all sorts. You can directly upload a file here selecting the storage size you might require for your business. With it, you can view your tasks accomplished in a calendar view or any other view option. This mini business management software comes at the cost of 20 USD Per month while the expensive package comes with great benefits and that too at 150 USD.


TapeACall Pro

Imagine the scenario, when you are at a meeting, and suddenly a call from your client comes who gives direction to you. Now, what if you forget to use some of the points?

Asking your client, again and again, is not bad, but surely creates a bad impression that you are not serious. But with this business enterprise software, you can record calls via an app and then use it for reference purpose. Moreover, you can upload it to some other enterprise mobility solutions like Evernote, and Dropbox or even upload it to Google drive. This software comes at a small price tag of 10 USD per month.



If you are traveling to some country, then language can become a barrier at times. Finding native speakers and understands your mother tongue, is a frustrating task. This is where; ‘iTranslate’ can make a difference in your lives.

So how does this app work? Well, just speak up in your native language and the application software responds with the message in the language of your choosing. Moreover, you can save the phrases you just used in your history which can be handy at times. The application could be downloaded for free or you can also pay 2.99 USD for its paid version as well.



One thing we have observed in our vast experience at mobile app development projects is that social media posting takes a longer time. This is where this tool can be a great addition to your workforce as it allows you to post the same content on various social media handles and simultaneously monitor them.

Moreover, it allows you to schedule your social media post thus targeting a specific time depending on your targeted region. The software comes for free but if you would like to use features like real-time analytics, multiple users, then better switch to the paid version.



This is a common thing that most business owners face while scrolling their laptops and suddenly some urgent work or meeting has to be done. This is where; Pocket can be of great importance. It simply allows you to save videos, blogs, articles or journals, in fact, any piece of information directly while using the app. The great thing is that you need not download that content as it works offline.

I hope you liked the list of software that is helpful for startups and small businesses to improve their workflow to a large extent.

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Why do you need Enterprise Mobile App Development?

Well, this software could be handy for most of the businesses, but there are some things which require special emphasis. Have a look at some of the real-life examples we often face in business.

Well, it can be the need to simplify your recruitment process with the help of software. Or it can be a problem in your e-commerce startup where all your teams do not have information about each other’s work. This often leads to delay and costs your brand image. Have a look at some of the benefits of enterprise mobile applications below.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Applications


Sharing Of Information

An enterprise Mobility solution allows businesses to share multiple department information with one other. This helps in sharing of information which leads to improved efficiency.


Reduced Time

Enterprise application integration helps in faster performance in work. With different interrelated functionality working in tandem, the accuracy improves in a considerably shorter amount of time.


Simplified IT Process

The simpler the business process is, the more results it will bring. Any organisation in this world wants to serve its customers in the best possible way. This is why enterprise apps simplify the work process of companies to bring more growth.


Better Control

If you are running a business, you must know how hard it is to have a closer look at all the processes in your company. This is where enterprise application integration allows to you manage the workings in a perfect way.

Final Thoughts

Enterprise apps can improve your business processes in various ways. With competition in every area of business, it has become a necessity for companies to look for enterprise application development.

This is where; Fluper,  A reliable mobile app development company can help you in making your enterprise apps that streamlines all your complexities. With more than 300 smart solutions developed in the past 7 years, we are the most preferred choice of businesses and SMEs for Enterprise Application Development in UK.

Have an Enterprise app requirement? Contact us and book a free consultation with our experts now.

Anshuman Kumar

Anshumann Kumar, in his role as Delivery Manager at Fluper, has been streamlining the technical complications that come in a bundle when building modern and innovative mobile applications. An issue solver by day and analytical reader by night, Mr. Anshumann always try his hands at the latest technological innovations so that the clients always get something unique.

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