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In this digital world, when a consumer wants something, their primary port of call is the internet. From the past few years, E-commerce has grown at an unbelievable rate since its origin, and so has the competition to make the finest use of it. To understand the challenges faced by e-commerce app development companies today, the first thing you need to explore is how they work. Due to Changing Technology in mobile app development customers no longer need to go to brick and mortar stores to make their purchases. The increase in digitalization has altered the means companies operate.

E-commerce app development is all about the right execution of things. If you get the right equation, the success will follow you automatically. Setting up an online e-commerce store requires a lot of investment, efforts and time. If you want to get a huge share of the market in the eCommerce game, you would have to stay viable in the marketplace by trying diverse methods that make you best in the e-commerce marketplace.

Here are the Top 10 E-commerce App challenges that are faced by businesses of all sizes:

An Upcoming Revolution of WeChatThe Right Choice of Products

The first challenge is to choose the right choice of products. If one wants to open an e-commerce app, the primary challenge is to choose the right choice of products. The lists of services or products you choose can make your business successful. Before launching your ecommerce app be sure to research upon the marketplace trends. If you are certain about your niche, then build the store according to the unique selling proposition.

Product Description Optimization for Search

If you are shifting your ecommerce website to the mobile platform then product descriptions optimization is crucial. The product descriptions provide you with clear cut details about the items you are going to sell in the marketplace. The content should be simple and focused on the human reader’s needs. To make your products more meaningful write the descriptions that provide users with accurate product details. It can be an excellent idea to hire an Ecommerce android app Development Company to create an engaging app with unique content for all the products you sell.

Unfriendly Returns Policy

Customers avoid shopping online due to various risk factors. No one wants to get stuck with stuff that does not fit them or is damaged. To make your customers happy with your services, make your own set of rules for returns and exchanges. Avoid being too harsh as it can put off the consumers in the first place. The rules for exchange and return may vary from one place to another.

Being an eCommerce store owner, you should maintain the right balance between providing a no question returns policy and managing the price of returns. No matter what type of policies you decide for your eCommerce store, keep in mind they should be revolving around the ease of the buyers. Remember free returns policies and exchanges may seem tempting for the end-users.

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Digital Payment Failures

This is one of the major challenges that developers face while developing an app. Keep in mind to build an eCommerce app that offers customers various options for payment by credit, debit card or net banking, or any other digital wallets. The failure of digital payments can be annoying. A technical issue with the app or fluctuating internet connection may result in the payment deduction from the customer’s account but the same payment is not credited to the seller’s account. Retrieving the amount isn’t a speedy procedure. It should be mentioned on your ecommerce app or website that it may take around 7-10 business days to refund back to their bank accounts. Such situations can be improved by using the COD option. For tips on payment gateway integration, you can connect with the Ecommerce android app Development Company in UAE.

Additional Charges

This is one of the major challenges that most of the ecommerce apps face. There are times when you’ve added the products of your choice in your cart and when you’re about to place an order, you notice some additional charges. Some eCommerce stores offer free shipping over a specific amount of orders. Some stores have varied shipping costs for some products. When the customer selects several products in a single order, the shipping cost varies from product to product.

Slow Online Store Website Speed

It is not possible that the potential buyers would land up to a particular product page directly. They would like to look through and explore diverse products. A slow-loading website can irritate the users and they may leave your site without purchasing the products of their choice. They might look for a similar product at your competitor’s app. ECommerce app owners should aim at maintaining a fast loading speed. Several online tools can help you to figure out the speed of your app and improve the speed of your website.

Lack of Faster Checkout Options

One of the most annoying challenges faced by the ecommerce owners is checkout or cart leaving. Nobody would like to waste time their time in checkout. A customer goes through the complete procedure of adding their preferred products to cart and leaves your website without purchasing them. A simple and one-click checkout can help you to make your customers happy and prevent cart abandonment. To make the process more user-friendly you can allow the customers to save the information and other particulars for a faster checkout process.

Shipping Methods and Time

Shipping costs and delivery methods are the reasons people choose online shopping. The shipment methods and time you deliver the products matters a lot for most of the consumers. A slow shipping experience can have a vast impact on your business sales. Even if you are providing the free shipping option still customers would expect fast delivery of their orders. In spite of the shipping method used, the customers would expect the delivery of their stuff within 3-5 days. To avoids this challenge try to incorporate good tracking services and notifications that help customers to track their parcel. Real-time tracking gives customers complete peace of mind.

Neglecting SEO

This can be one of the major challenges while running an online store. There’s no uncertainty that content is the king that helps you to rank in the app store or play store when it comes to SEO. Improper images, duplicate page titles, improper Meta tags, and content descriptions can have a negative impact on the SEO of your ecommerce website. No matter how much money you may have spent on building your eCommerce app, all would go waste if you are not using the right marketing. Make sure that your app is SEO-friendly right before it is launched in the marketplace.

Omni-channel Experience

Build an eCommerce App that offers users with an Omnichannel experience. Most consumers use mobile phones to shop for products online, but many others choose tablets, desktop, or telephone also. Using Omni channels for promoting and distributing the products can help your eCommerce store to grab more and more customers and sales. Omni-channel features of an app help users to achieve a flawless shopping experience.

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With rising technologies, everyday eCommerce is becoming more and more complex.  If want to develop an app with flexible technology for security, transactions, and analytics that will keep you competitive then you can contact Fluper. With a well-organized workforce, delivery systems, marketing strategy, you can scale your store effortlessly. Please feel free to reach out to us with any queries you might have regarding the ecommerce app development.

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