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From the past few years, smartphones and mobile applications are rapidly growing and have become a crucial fraction of our day to day lives. The new generation uses mobile applications for every task no matter small or big. The mobile applications testing basics have changed the whole aspect of our day to day life. With the advancement in the technology of mobile application testing, basics have very high expectations from these apps and even a small mistake or error is not tolerable. Thousands of new apps are developed every day. There are a number of challenges that are faced by the technical team while testing the accurateness of mobile applications.

The extraordinary development of mobile devices has opened up various avenues for organizations to put together them into the computing environment. Today’s Mobile App development delivers complex functionality on platforms that have restricted resources for computing. The diversity in technology presents elite challenges that need advanced testing strategies.

What will You Learn in this Blog Post?

In this write-up, we will here understand the various challenges which are faced by mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia when performing mobile testing.

According to the latest reports by the Cap Gemini Quality Report approximately 18 percent of companies say that they do not have sufficient time to test their mobile apps, and more than 65 percent do not have the right Manual mobile testing tools. These all are real-time challenges faced by the development organizations to productively carry out mobile testing.

Mobile Application Testing Basics and Challenges

10 key Challenges for Mobile-App Testing Basics Infographics

Network Connectivity

There are quite a lot of network standards for mobile data applications like 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi. There are different mobile devices and each one requires a specific bandwidth to carry out the task sufficiently. The customer usually moves around from one place to another so network connectivity is also changed with the travels and the performance speed of the application is also changed with the network variations. So it is important to check the performance of the application for network connections issues.

Operating System Version

There are diverse types of operating systems that are used for Mobile Application Development in the marketplace. Every operating system Android, iOS, Windows has its means of working and diverse kinds of limitations. It is important to execute all types of mobile testing for each application on various devices with various operating systems is a very complex challenge in front of mobile app testers. Device fragmentation is the most intricate part of the mobile app testing. The mobile application testing basics executed by testers must have been developed with keeping the updates of OS in their mind. So that with the latest updates the mobile app can still provide a smooth experience to the user with a variety of OS platforms.

Screen Sizes

The Mobile Application development world is not simple. Due to the variety of mobile phone devices and different aspect ratios the screen size plays an important role. With the launch of new screen sizes, the developers are continuously working on device compatibility to offer perfect adaptive screen design instead. For testing, you need to check on a variety of devices that all the necessary screen elements are working on diverse screen sizes and aspect ratios efficiently.

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Battery Life

The quick consumption of the battery due to app usage is one of the biggest challenges that mobile app developers are experiencing. An average mobile phone user uses 4-5 apps during the day and several processes are running in the background. This process requires CPU cycles which on its turn need power and thus the batteries start to drain. When testing mobile apps we need to make certain that the power utilization is kept at least and the app is developed by keeping the finest practices in mind.

Application Usage

To give your users a hassle-free experience it is important to keep the mobile application testing basics in mind. It is very significant to pay notice to all the key features of the application. Generally, most of the mobile phone devices have a small screen and the applications need displaying a lot of information at a similar time. It is very typical to show every function on the screen with an apparent resolution. In order to make your app, a successful one pays some extra attention to the click areas. Testing the app with all these challenging features of usability is not a trouble-free job.

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Uses of Mobile Testing Tools

There are a number of mobile testing tools available in the marketplace. Diverse tools and scenarios are used to analyze the diverse type of applications. For hybrid applications, there are different tools and for native apps you have to use diverse tools. Mostly two types of mobile testing tools are used for the application. Some of the testing tools are image based and others are object based. In this method, a written test script is necessary for implementing the right automation tool according to mobile automaton needs is a complex job.


Every mobile app user has some important data that is being stored and shared across apps and devices. It is important to pay some extra time to the security testing of mobile apps on a public cloud. Security is given a very sensitive thought, and it is important to conduct all possible tests to make sure the data privacy.

Touch Screen

The touch screen is also the main basis of user interaction today. Any issue in the touch screens can make the user annoyed. The signals or the signs which form an indication in the procedure of data input also cause a challenge in the testing process. The process of testing of touch screens needs to be more secure.

The Right Strategy to Market the App

To market the app it is important to impose some strict timelines that can cause a lot of impact on the testing of mobile applications as it needs proper development, design, and finally testing. There are a number of stages that are involved in the mobile app development that are closely linked and need proper testing to be followed up. To make the marketing of an app on time users need to tie up the process of testing as there are several timelines that need to be framed for effective testing and later release of the application.

Universal Usage

With the rising insist and fame of mobile apps, it is necessary to test the applications for the use on a worldwide level. Today most of the well-liked mobile apps are designed according to the use in worldwide markets. Every country has its language and a writing guide. So it is very important to develop the app according to all the languages that are used worldwide. To make this process smooth the tester has to pay some extra consideration to the functions like time zone, location setting, language setting, and other input factors to make the app well-matched for handling on the international level.

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The above write up is an extension to the startup businesses, where the aim is to particularly highlight the real-time challenges faced by mobile app testers and present an evaluation matrix of these solutions to help the manual and automated testers to make a well-versed choice about the approach and solution for their mobile test requirements. While the app testing challenges may be many and vast, but there’s not anything that resolves a challenge faster than the right partner. Fluper is a leading Android app design and Development Company and we use the latest and best in mobile testing tools and techniques to bring you with superior quality apps in the market. Contact us today and we will be pleased to help you with the right mobile app testing strategy.


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