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Media Mobile App Portfolio

Club FM

Info:    Club FM 99.6 is the only 24 hours live Malayalam station with a pleasing variety of music, accompanied by shows that are energetic, fun, engaging, soul-stirring and thought-provoking.  Join the "Club", that bridges the gap between Kerala and UAE , serving the freshness of youth with a dash of nostalgia .

Live radio


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Mimi Music

Info:    Mimi Music is inspired by the way the human ear works. By creating your earprint, you can hear your music like you are meant to hear it.

Pick your favourite song

Add clarity and depth by mimifying your music

Healthy listening

Create your unique earprint



Info:    The new Gogo Entertainment Player brings the magic of the movies and TV to the sky and onto your mobile devices.  

Watch latest movies

Watch Hit TV shows

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