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The real estate sector felt the need to go digital as the rest of the world went digital and everyone expected that everything would be managed with a single tap. That was an old-school practice when people are wandering around the brokers and paying them a hefty amount of money in search of a suitable property. The scenario has been changing since real estate started to embrace technology and focused on real-estate app development. The overwhelming popularity and public response of Zillow, and Redfin like Real-estate apps indicates investment in this sector will be profitable in the coming days. But, the concern is the Cost to develop apps like Zillow and Redfin. Before coming to that point, you need to know about these two big giants of the real-estate app market.

What is Zillow and how it works?

What is Zillow and how it works


Zillow is a US-based real estate and rental marketplace. Zillow mobile app is focused on serving homeowners, homebuyers, renters, real estate brokers, finance professionals, property owners, and property managers access and exchange essential information about houses, real estate, mortgages, and home repair. This is made possible by the real estate search engine’s huge database of 110 million U.S. properties, which includes houses for rent, houses for sale, and houses that aren’t currently on the market (foreclosure, make me move).

In addition, Zillow helps its users find real estate agents, property managers, and home inspectors, as well as thorough information about the properties that are posted for rent or purchase.

To get the estimation of  Zillow like app development cost, you must know how it works. Property buyers and renters can find property for sale and rent posted by owners, and agents by using some filters like property type, rent amount, property price, foreclosure, new construction and many more. After watching the photos and videos of the property buyers and renters select that by paying the amount to the owners or agents through the app or by cash. Based on this workflow you need to choose the features of your real-estate app as the Cost to develop app like Zillow depends on its features.

Redfin App and how it works?

Redfin App and how it works

Redfin is a technology-driven real estate platform for buying and selling residential property with the help brokers. According to Statistica, it is one of the most popular real estate marketplaces in the USA and has more than 6 million unique monthly users.

To evaluate Redfin like app development Cost, you need to know how it works. Redfin connects buyers and sellers with neighborhood agents who recommend listings based on their needs and the neighborhood market. To schedule a visit and take a look at the properties that suit their needs, buyers can contact the brokers. Redfin runs like the conventional brokerage structure while making sure that both buyers and sellers pay the least commission possible for a transaction.

Must-have Features of Zillow and Redfin like Real-estate Apps:

features of Zillow and Redfin like Real-estate apps

As you are curious to know the Real-estate app development Cost, you need to evaluate the basic features of Zillow and Redfin like apps. Any leading Real-estate app development company evaluates the Cost to develop apps like Zillow and Redfin based on the added features. The must-have features of these types of apps are as follows.

On-boarding of Users

The users can Sign up for the app by authorizing their Email Id, Phone number and social media handle and use the app features through the easy sign-in process.

User dashboard

The buyers, sellers and agents can now make their profiles and get an individual dashboard for accessing the marketplace. A buyer will have access to the home listings and be able to make inquiries, save favorites, view specific listings in detail, etc. (We’ll discuss these attributes later.)

An agent, on the other hand, would be able to access his listings, schedules, list of potential buyers, amount of views on certain listings, advertisement choices, etc.

There may also be some commonalities. All users can access the functions, including messaging and mapping.

Listing Property Buyers can list their property in the app with HD images along with their details like the dimension of it, address, type, renters’ details, etc

Property/Lease Management

Hire a leading mobile app development company and integrate this option to track lease details, important dates and financial commitment.

Applicant Screening

With this feature, the users can check the background of the possible buyers and tenants.

Property/Lease Management  

Hire a leading mobile app development company and integrate this option to track lease details, important dates and financial commitment.

Customer Relationship Management System

Insightful reporting, automated rent collecting, tenant screening, lease tracking, and the creation of e-lease agreements are all possible with Salesforce CRM integration and implementation services. This feature would not create a high impact on the estimated Real-estate app development Cost.

 Multi-Payment gateway

Integration of multiple payment systems like Debit/Credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and more helps the buyers to pay the sellers from the app.

Navigation & Street View

The buyers can get a holistic view of the property location with this feature. Any leading App Development Company integrates Google API to maintain the budget of Zillow like app development cost.

Advanced search filter

Users can search property by using a different advanced filter like price range, listing type, property type, amenities and more.

3D Virtual Tour

The sellers can design an attractive listing of properties with detail and perceptive layout of the property to provide a virtual tour to the prospective buyers without visiting the property physically by incorporating this feature. But, this emerging technology can increase Redfin like app development Cost.

Cost Calculator

The users can get the estimated cost of the property, loan details with the down payment amount, EMI, insurance, taxes and more from this option. Hire a reputed real-Estate App Development Company that can give a reasonable Cost to develop app like Zillow by integrating this feature.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This latest technology helps possible property buyers to get an idea about customizing property with new wall paint, trendy furniture, creative interior design and more. A top-notch Mobile App Development Company estimates Redfin like app development Cost by incorporating this type of trendy technology.


It helps to keep track of the appointment dates of the property buyers and sellers. The sellers can also schedule an appointment by checking the available dates of the agents in the calendar.

In-app Message

The buyers and sellers can communicate via chat in real time.

Estimated Cost to develop app like Zillow and Redfin:

Any reputed Real-Estate App Development Company evaluates Zillow and Redfin like app development Cost based on some crucial parameters like the complexity of the app, features and functionality of the app, developers’ rate, and duration of the project, number of platform project types and more. Based on those parameters the approximate Real-estate app development Cost is between $20,000 to $30,000However, it varies with the geographical location of the Mobile App Development Company you have hired.

Wrap Up:

The feature-wise Cost to develop app like Zillow and Redfin like app is estimated on an approximation basis. But, these features mostly create an impact on Zillow and Redfin like app development Cost. But, it’s better to consult with an expert from a top-rated Mobile App Development Company to get a clear idea about your Real-estate app development Cost based on your goal. It’ll help you to launch a high-quality and profitable real-estate app cost-effectively.


Is Redfin superior to Zillow?

Depending on why you’re using their services. Redfin might help you save money because it gives brokerage discounts. But if you wish to sell FSBO then only Zillow will accept your listing.

How to select a Real-estate App Development Company?

You need to choose a company which has prior experience and proficiency in developing a successful real-estate app similar to yours. Then you can schedule an interactive session with that company to discuss the project. It’ll help you to decide on hiring.

How much does it cost to create a real estate app’s MVP?

The process of creating and releasing an MVP typically takes 3–4 months. However, the duration of time could change based on the features you add to your real estate MVP.

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