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In case you were unhappy to know that you are not going to be able to post to Yahoo Groups anymore starting next week, don’t be! Yes, you have now got an additional week to post. The plan of Yahoo to majorly shut down Groups was broadly advertised on October 16th; only days ahead of the organization will freeze uploads on October 21st.

However, recently, the organization declared that the date would be a bit later, i.e., on October 28th. Moreover, it has added the novel date to its support manuscript about the choice. Nevertheless, regardless of when you put anything to a group, it will still get deleted, as Yahoo is as of now eliminating all content hosted on Groups on the 14th of December.

Yahoo Groups, after provided as a put for interactions on just regarding any place theme you could believe in, a lot similar to Reddit does now. After the old satisfied is gone, although, all you will be capable of doing on Yahoo Groups is peruse the directory of the group’s, asked for to be requested to one, &, if you are in a group, email that group.

Recently, in a statement, Yahoo recommended that most people make use of Groups for emailing anyway:

“We are tailoring Groups’ features to match the preferences of our Group members. Most of our members connect and share content primarily over email, so we believe this change will streamline and improve the Groups experience. Yahoo Groups will continue to provide a way for people to connect with their communities around shared interests, and we will continue to listen to feedback to ensure we keep our users happy.”

Therefore, I presume it’s not that astonishing that Yahoo is maintaining the texting functionality around if it is as extensively utilized as Yahoo informs it is. If you actually wish to be capable of posting to your groups once again, Yahoo mentions it’s listening to the response. However, I still think all of the actions of Yahoo mark the starting of the finish of Groups.


Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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