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PUBG Mobile Lite has landed a new content update that brings Survive Till Dawn Halloween mode to the game, a few days after it arrived on the core PUBG Mobile game. The PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 update also introduces a host of new elements such as an open character system, complete with a new character called Victor with a key tactical advantage. Three new weapons have also arrived in PUBG Mobile Lite with the 0.14.6 content update to blast past pumpkin-headed zombies, aside from video rewards, main menu page makeover, and updated winner pass feature.


Tencent’s press release mentions that the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 update is now live in ‘select regions worldwide’, but as of now, the game is yet to receive the update in India. As far as the Survive Till Dawn Halloween mode is concerned, it is essentially the same mode that was released for the core PUBG mobile game earlier this month. In this particular mode, players have to survive for days and three nights while facing an onslaught from pumpkin-headed zombies till they are evacuated.

In order to survive, you need to look and fight for weapons and supplies in the zombie-infested landscape before the dawn brings in wrath upon you with more and more zombies. After all, Halloween would seem incomplete without some walking dead pumpkins, don’t you think? And those who managed to survive this ultimate surviving mode will get access to some exclusive achievements. Other than that, you’ll be now able to earn rewards by watching videos available on the purchase page. The main menu of PUBG Mobile Lite has also received a Halloween makeover and an updated Pass Mission Card has also arrived.

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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 update brings an open character system, introducing a new playable character named “Victor” in the Survive Till Dawn mode. Victor brings a key tactical advantage – reduced load time for sub-machine guns.

Coming to the weapons, you’ll see so many new additions to the armory of PUBG. This update has added a Sawed-Off shotgun, the M134 mini-gun that can hold up to 200 rounds, and a flamethrower having a spray range of 10 meters. Along with that, you’ll see a new quick entry that has been setup in the main menu that’ll allow players to check out the recommended game modes.


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