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Nowadays, the demand of On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps is quite high and customers are adopting them rapidly. Because of this reason, retailers have stepped into online world. In 2015, the e-grocery market share of US WAS 2.4%. Although grocery sales via online platform is a small part of overall market and that is increasing very rapidly. Due to increase in internet usage and e-commerce, there exist a large number of people who prefer On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps. If you run a grocery store or own a franchise of any store, then get in touch with android application Development Company and build an app to promote your business.

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Types of Grocery Apps present in the market –

  • Aggregators

By using aggregators, customers can easily choose one of the nearby grocery stores. Customers can easily checks out with the cart and make payment through credit cards.

  • Marketplaces

A marketplace grocery store is quite similar to a grocery store aggregation platform, except the marketplace because it has its own team of delivery boys who deliver ordered products to the customers at their doorstep.

  • Single Stores

In a single store app, the grocery owner commissions his own branded app. Infact, grocery owner takes care of everything from maintaining the app and updating online menu.

  • Grocery Chains

A grocery chain, such as Walmart, tends to have its own on-demand mobility solution and that is quite similar to a single store.

When it comes to choosing the app, you have to think wisely because every type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Aggregator platform are almost risk free endeavors while marketplaces are good to retain brand reputation. But one of the biggest advantages of this you has full control, from taking orders to delivering orders and collecting money. The best thing is that customers won’t interact with actual sellers. The demand of On-Demand Grocery Delivery is getting high day by day because –

  • Uberization of Service Sector

Since the launch of Uber, the service sector has been witnessing a phenomenal change. This is because all the services are available through On-Demand apps and customers are not required to go anywhere because everything is available at doorstep. Mortar grocery stores and traditional brick stores are facing various challenges in this online world. Nowadays, the number of customers is increasing day by day who get their shopping done through on-demand grocery delivery apps. Well, there are various reasons behind this change.

  • No Queues at Check-out Counters

The most irritating part of in-store grocery shopping arises at the end and that is queue. This is because no one likes to stand in queue at check-out counters after spending a lot of time moving through many isles to pick all the things. We all better know payment is one of the most important parts of all kind of business. By using on-demand grocery delivery apps, people can easily make payment through debit cards, credit cards. People also make payment through wallet services such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

  • Virtual Selves and Search for Easier Selection

There are various kinds of on-demand grocery delivery apps who have listed their product in different categories. Customers use these categories as virtual selves because they can easily find the product of their need. There are various advantages of app’s search option because customers can easily find out the product of their need. All this not only save a customer time but also provide better experience to users.

  • No Journey to and From the Grocery Stores

It is seen customers normally visit the grocery stores during weekends or after work. Such visits consume their entire evening and sometimes their half day. On the other hand, if people use On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps like Grofers, BigBasket, they can easily get their products at doorstep and at the preferred time. To develop such application, entrepreneurs should consider mobile app development services. All this not only save customers time as well as the money of transportation. By doing shopping through On-Demand Grocery apps, people can use their spare time for leisure activities. Besides this, they can also spend the fuel or transportation money on the things of their choice.

  • Checks Impulsive Buying

Grocery stores are arranged in such a way that customers are tempted to buy such things that they don’t want. Once people enter into stores, they see various lucrative offers and discounts. Normally, it is seen that the products with more margin for business are keep at front only to attract customers. On the other hand, cheap stuff is buried deep down the isles. Well, everyone is aware with such things yet most of the people can’t check their impulsive buying. If you visit any grocery store then definitely you will find lucrative offers and discounts but people generally ignore virtual things. Hence this is the reason people spend money on what they actually need.

  • Shop for Granny through on Demands Grocery Delivery Apps

Shopping grocery is a boring chore that various people often hate to do it but they have to do this. It is quite obvious when a person hate shopping for his own then definitely he/she will not definitely do it for another people like as parents or grandparents. But with the development of On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps, one can easily shop for his/her parents. All you need to do is reach out to your mobile and open the app as per your preference. For the growth of your On Demand Grocery Delivery App, hire the best Android app developers.

Wrapping Up

The demand of On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps is increasing day by day because they help us to save time as well as money. These apps provide a better user experience and beside this they also help in checking impulsive shopping. So all in all, these apps are quite beneficial for customers and this is the main reason that more people are using On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps.

Vinay Kumar

Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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