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In today’s world, Mobile app development plays a vital role in any Business’s growth. Applications have bought a drastic change in the mobile world and they have become very important to run a business. You will find countless applications in the market.
Mobile commerce and Technology are growing at a very fast rate. It has completely converted the mindset of people do business today. The mobile technology has transformed the way business owners cooperate with their customers, associates, and partners. Many small and medium businesses are showing high interest in developing their own mobile applications.

But a query arises is

“Which company you will choose for mobile app development?”


Which company you will choose for mobile app development?

India has become a leading service provider and holds a prime position in mobile app development. Outsourcing mobile app development to India helps companies scale down the cost and get cost-effective access to a large pool of technically skilled Indian App developers, which has helped the company grow as the top outsourcing destination.

Application development is a game-changing step for every business today as it comes laden with plenty of benefits. Outsourcing Mobile app development to India will not only help you restructure your management roles, but also boost your operational goals while modernizing application portfolios for business expansion.

Why is India Called a Hub For Mobile App Development?

Why is India Called a Hub For Mobile App Development?

The current employee population in India is more than the total population in the USA. A survey just found that 80% of US and European companies chose India as their first outsourcing destination. This is because India harbors some of the world’s most skilled developers accompanied by cheap labor. In addition, the report of the National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) states that approximately half of all Fortune 500 companies have preferred to outsource software development to Indian outsourcing firms.

List of Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India

Huge Reserve Team of HTML5 Developers

Understanding Of Different Development Environment

Depth Knowledge Of MEAP/MCAP

Focus On UX


Time-zone benefit and 24/7 Service

Strong Government Support

Long Term Partner

Reduce Development Time

More Numbers Of Outsourcing Option

Reduced Risk Factors

Work Flexibility

Focus On User Experience

State Of The Art Technology

Some of the Advantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India:

icon Huge Reserve Team of HTML5 Developers:

Developers have been using HTML5 because it is compatible with Android, iOS and other platforms. India has an open team of HTML5 developers providing a good option for global companies to use their service. So, more and more IT companies are hiring HTML developers to get their work done completely.

icon Understanding Of Different Development Environment:

The main motive of using a mobile app is to improve the end-user experience, and mobile app developers in India are capable of developing apps suitable for various platforms.

icon Depth Knowledge Of MEAP/MCAP:

Developers who are busy in creating apps for various platforms like iPad, iPhone, desktop, etc. will know how essential MEAP/MCAP is. Indian developers have a good understanding of these two sources, which impresses the companies to outsource their jobs offshore.

Indian app developers

icon Focus On UX:

This system addition plays a chief role during the development of the mobile app. With the accurate execution of UX design and framework, Indian mobile app developers make sure that the mobile applications they develop work efficiently.

icon Cost-effectiveness:

This is the main reason why companies are outsourcing mobile app development to India. Companies save a sufficient amount on hiring an Indian outsourcing company, compared to hiring full-time developers in-house. Are you aware of the charges of hiring an Android developer for an hour? Let’s get in touch with them:

North America :: Price Range : $10-$225 Average Price : $168

South America :: Price Range : $21-$107 Average Price : $34

UK :: Price Range :$32-$167 Average Price :$70

Eastern Europe :: Price Range :$20-$97 Average Price :$35

Australia :: Price Range :$32-$142 Average Price :$110

India :: Price Range : $8-$80 Average Price :$26

icon Time-zone benefit and 24/7 Service:

The best part of hiring an Indian outsourcing company is the time-zone benefit and 24/7 accessibility.

icon Strong Government Support:

The IT field in India comes under IT act 2000 and is largely invested domain. To support more, the government offers 100% foreign equity and backs IT infrastructure development, which has helped a lot in propelling India’s outsourcing images.

icon Long Term Partner:

Providers of outsourcing build up long term business relationships with the companies, and not only help you build responsive mobile apps but also provide long term maintenance services.

icon Reduce Development Time:

When you hire an Indian outsourcing company, you can keep much of your time to concentrate on the core business process.

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icon More Numbers Of Outsourcing Option:

With the growing demand for app development, there are many companies in India that offer outsourcing solutions. So, foreign companies get many mobile app development options when they outsource their jobs to India.

icon Reduced Risk Factors:

It is always suitable that you outsource your mobile app development needs to a developer/company that holds confirmed identification in the industry. India has an excess of options when it comes to mobile app development, and you stand to increase by partnering with an established Indian app development company that has a superior project management system in place mainly to deal with contingencies like random demand and capacity variations.

icon Work Flexibility:

By outsourcing your work, your operational work events can be easily streamlined, allowing you to focus on the necessary tasks on hand. A team of dedicated developers is able to work according to your time zone, and in some cases, influence the time zone advantage to deliver work in significantly shorter durations.

icon Focus On User Experience:

The experience of the user plays a vital role during the app development process. It is the main aspect that decides either an app is successful or not. Indian mobile app developers make sure that the mobile apps they develop work flawlessly by implementing the right UX design and framework as per OS guidelines while keeping your primary directions in mind.

icon State Of The Art Technology:

Due to the constantly evolving field of mobile app development and newer technologies being invented every day, it becomes difficult for a company to stay updated with the latest technologies and buy a licensed version of the software. Outsourcing to a mobile app development company in India, one gets access to the common progressive and updated technologies, software, and development tools without having to spend from their own pocket.


India is a center to many Mobile app development companies that have achieved the ISO-9000 certification. Some of the companies are already listed on NYSE and NASDAQ. India’s mobile app development companies provide consistently high-quality services. Our Companies apply the latest software, technology, programming languages and infrastructure to provide global customers with high-quality mobile apps.


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