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Whatsapp recently launched new features that will allow buyers to purchase products and services directly from Whatsapp Business chats. Now using Whatsapp, business owners can sell their products and services through Facebook shops. Apart from in-app purchases, Facebook with the help of its partners shall also offer hosting services to small-scale business groups. The Facebook hosting services offered by the company shall require the users to make additional payments. Full transparency in cases of hosting services shall be ensured by the company to both sellers and buyers.

Even though Whatsapp still offers end-to-end encrypted messaging services yet in cases of Facebook’s hosting services, it will be unable to view the messages exchanged between business users and sellers.

Facebook is also planning to introduce cloud computing features that will enable its Whatsapp business users to store the business-related Whatsapp messages on its servers. Matt Idema, the CEO of Whatsapp Group recently revealed that the company will start discontinuing its shopping tool by the end of 2020 and would introduce Facebook message hosting solutions in 2021. A spokesperson from Facebook said that the company will be offering hosting services to the sellers depending upon the service provider’s capacity.

The Covid-19 pandemic has totally reformed the way business is done. Sellers these days are resorting to online selling practices more than ever. The buyers have become more conscious and prefer buying from reliable instead of reputed online sellers. The fact that the customers now prefer convenient and safer shopping options and that too at the comfort of their homes have compelled sellers to export the art of online selling.

There are many businesses that are getting a dedicated app developed for themselves. Many social media platforms are also developing and introducing features that make it convenient for buyers and sellers to directly connect with each other. Facebook-owned-Whatsapp is one such platform that has garnered new business through offline business. As per the spokesperson of the company, globally at least 175 million individuals contact a Whatsapp registered business account via Whatsapp message on an everyday basis.

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Whatsapp with features like In-App purchases and Facebook hosting solutions is most likely to become a perfect one-stop solution for offline business in the nearing time.


Whatsapp offers In-App Purchases and Facebook hosting services with an intention to connect customers directly with sellers. These new features will create new revenue-generating opportunities for Whatsapp.Disclaimer

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