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WhatsApp hits Facebook’s milestone 5 billion downloads. It’s the second non-Google app to wade this far forward. WhatsApp has gained significant momentum since it was bought by Facebook and is stepping up its growth. The first non-Google app to reach this height was Twitter. Also, the partnership between WhatsApp and various brands like Samsung, etc., propelled the download rate and made it second to Facebook in the installation rate. The colossal number also covers WhatsApp’s pre-installed models.

The users were entertained by the amazing features which make this messenger app easy to use, integrate and sign up. WhatsApp has managed to be the most popular messaging app despite the abundance of alternative messaging apps with different features. Today, WhatsApp is claiming over a billion active users per day.

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WhatsApp is also internationally the world’s most popular social messaging app. According to Statista, it has over 1.6 billion active monthly users, outstripping both the numbers of Facebook Messenger and WeChat, which are 1.3 billion and 1.1 billion, respectively.
Additionally, it expands its fan base with new features and integrations. In comparison to the Google apps that have been pre-installed, WhatsApp takes this award in a long way. WhatsApp is supposed to beat the number sooner with such a large user-base.

Whatsapp Non-Google App Touches 5 Billion InstallsWhatsApp, having reached the elite club, is likely to continue the trajectory amid all the obstacles and to excel to new heights leaving behind the rivals. This messenger can reign the market with its huge user-base until an alternative rises to pause a threat.

That’ll account for a good portion of that download amount of 5 billion, but it certainly doesn’t account for everyone. With such a large active user base, it’s no surprise WhatsApp has hit such an incredible download rate — it’s actually amazing that it took this long to cross 5 billion on Android.

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Such a high installation rate, of course, does not necessarily mean that WhatsApp is the best messaging platform. There are plenty of other strong substitutes, but WhatsApp is, for some reason, the most successful and possibly will be for some time yet.


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