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iconThe latest group privacy controls consist of three alternatives for who can insert you into a group.

iconGroup admin who can’t insert you into a group is going to be prompted to forward a private invite

iconWhatsApp is even rolling out a fresh emoji-related up-gradation for Android users on beta.

After being in reports for a few times & under beta tests for actually a long time, the much-required feature of WhatsApp, i.e., group privacy has gone official. The corporation has declared the beginning of a new privacy setting as well as the invite system to assist you in choosing who can insert you into random WhatsApp groups.

The mobile chat app is basically providing you more authority in your hand when it comes to who can you insert you into WhatsApp groups. The shift to commence this new attribute is understandable since the group feature of WhatsApp is as irritating as much as it has been cooperative. The chat application until now provided no regulation over who can include you to any WhatsApp group. Fundamentally, anybody from your contact directory could insert you into any group. However, this was all the account until today. From now onwards, on the picture modifications as the chat application has added superior controls in the application now.


The organization, in a statement, said, “One of the pieces of feedback we’ve heard is that people want more control over who can add them to groups. This helps prevent people from getting unwanted messages including viral information that can spread through groups. Today, we are introducing a new setting and invite system that will further empower users to have more control over the group messages they receive.”

Whatsapp Launches New Group Privacy Settings

The latest group privacy regulations include three alternatives for who can insert you into a group. These choices are- My Contacts Except, My Contacts, or Everyone. My Contacts imply those who have in your address directory can insert you into groups, & My Contacts Except offers other regulations for who amongst your contacts be able to enter you into a group.

In such scenarios, an admin who is unable to add you to a particular group is going to be prompted to forward private invite via an individual chat, prompting you the alternative of joining the WhatsApp group. This request expires within three days.

It is crucial to note that the novel feature is being released from today, and in the upcoming times, it will be accessible to all the folks across the world who are using the latest edition of WhatsApp.

Unconnectedly, WhatsApp is even rolling out an innovative update for all the Android users on beta. The app’s beta version 2.19.315 for Android brings in a new variety of emojis all along with compatibility with the modern Unicode standard. WhatsApp is supposed to be even working on an attribute that will let you stream the videos of Netflix without having to depart WhatsApp.



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