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When people are going to think about online shopping, the first thing that comes to their mind is, “Let me check if they have an app or not”. Mobile apps are so integrated into our lives that people expect everything from the apps.

Ecommerce apps are such apps that bring the shops to the online platform where people can buy everything from daily groceries to clothes to electronic items and many other things. These types of apps provide immense facilities to the users from saving their time roaming around in the market to getting things in-app at a reasonable price.

At present days 600+ million users accessing Ecommerce applications and expected to generate $24.3 trillion by 2025. Therefore, most business persons want to step into this profitable sector. When they are planning to develop such apps, the prime question they mostly want to know is the cost to develop Ecommerce app like Carrefour UAE Webstore.

What is webstore carrefour and why is it so good?

What is webstore carrefour and why is it so good

The webstore carrefour is a multinational hypermarket store with almost all sectors of retail. It gains enormous popularity in the Middle East region. It is deployed in the magneto open-source platform as it has all the necessary built-in options, themes and plug-ins to develop an innovative UI.

The webstore carrefour categorizes the products into different categories which are very easy to navigate, adding them to the cart and placing the order in a few clicks. The intense level of digital penetration, digital natives, increasing use of mobile wallets, government internet, trustworthiness in digital payment system, average spend per transaction, etc. make the Ecommerce business a new height. So, the investors have often dreamt of making the E-commerce app like webstore carrefour.

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Why is webstore carrefour so popular?

The following features make the webstore Carrefour a popular app in UAE.

  • It provides a Single Log in process in loyalty programmed website and webstore
  • Users can avail of promotions and deals.
  • An effortless store locater options make the customers crazy for this app.
  • The shopping lists include so broader range of products like fresh food, frozen food, groceries, personal care, baby products, electronics, smartphones, appliances, household, and many more that the users don’t have to go anywhere for shopping.
  • Easy-to-reach customer support desk is one of the favourite options for the users.
  • Carrefour Services (MyClub offers, all groceries shopping, CarrefourNow 1-hour delivery) are very lucrative for the customers.
  • It provides a Multi-Language facility to the customers including English and Arabic.
  • Multi-country facility helps the users to use it from different countries.
  • New and innovative UI is the most captivating feature of this app.
  • This app prioritizes its logistics to dispatch and deliver the product within the timeframe that has been mentioned at the time of booking. Hence they also have to provide live tracking and push notification systems to keep the customers updated.

Ecommerce Apps Market size in UAE:

After balancing the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on e-commerce, the market size of the e-commerce industry in the UAE was forecasted to grow from US$ 7 billion in 2020 to US$17 billion by 2025. This data defines the market of E-commerce apps is expanding exponentially. Thus investing in such a market will generate good revenue for your business.

Impressive Features of Ecommerce Apps:

In the case of the development of E-commerce apps, you need to focus on these features and offer the clients what they are looking for.

  • A Well-organized and updated shopping shelves.
  • Knowledge about each product.
  • Comparison of the best deals.

Every Ecommerce applications stand on three main pillars- UserPanel, Vendor Panel and Administrator Panel. The general features of these three panels mainly regulate and maintain the entire function of the app.

The user panel features are used by the end-users, whereas the vendor panel features are beneficial for sellers to deliver the product seamlessly to customers.

If you want to build up webstore carrefour like an E-commerce app and stand out in this highly competitive E-commerce market, you have to add some advanced features to your app.

Advance features of Ecommerce Apps:

Advance features of Ecommerce apps

  • UI/UX designs: An innovative design of UI/UX takes an important role in attracting and alluring the attention of the users. The long-term success of your app depends on the services and experiences you provide your customers.
  • Push Notification: Sending notifications to the customers about new offers, deals and discounts on your products and services, order and payment confirmation details and more is one of the biggest customer engagement measures of these types of apps.
  • Social Login-Sign Up:  Log-in with the Social media account or Gmail-Id allows the users a leap of convenience.
  • Chatbot for 24*7 Customer Support:  This interactive feature plays a great role in this business by simply answering all the general questions of the customers. This is not only helpful for the customers, but it also saves time and money for the company.
  • Role-Based Dashboard:  These dashboards are uniquely designed to provide real-time data of the apps on different dashboards and ensure better data understanding.
  • Real-Time Analytics: By integrating real-time analytics in your app, you can manage and monitor the app data of a huge user base, like, transactions, online users, and more trending items.
  • Using AI: When you integrate AI with your app, it’ll help the users to leverage voice support, image search, and product recommendations by tracking the behaviour of the users and advanced E-Commerce analytics.

The cost to develop a carrefouruae webstore app depends upon the features and complexity, you add to your E-commerce app. Hence, it’ll be great for your business,  if you hire an Ecommerce App Development Company in India to customize this feature for your app.

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Important Tech Stack to develop webstore carrefour like Ecommerce App:

Selecting the right tech stack for the E-Commerce app is one of the most concerning points for startups. Here, we discuss some important Tech Stack for your business.

  • Front-end Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript (Vue, React, Angular, jQuery)
  • Android: Kotlin, Java
  • iOS: Swift, Objective-C
  • iOS Mobile Development Tools: AppCode, XCode
  • Cross-platform Programming Tools: Flutter, React Native, Xamarin
  • UI Frameworks: SwiftUI, UIKIt
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebase by Google
  • Storage: Firebase storage, AWS
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe

Applying these technologies in your app will help to stand out from the competition. Now the question is, how much does it cost to hire an Ecommerce app developer? Any good Ecommerce App Development Company in India charges $15 to 25 per hour. Again the final cost to develop carrefouruae webstore like Ecommerce app depends upon a few major factors.

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Factors that will decide the Ecommerce App Development Cost:

So, here comes the final part of our comprehensive guide on the estimated cost to develop carrefouruae webstore like Ecommerce apps. It largely depends upon the goals of your business and requirements.

The factors that can affect the entire Ecommerce mobile app development cost.

Wireframe Costs:

A wireframe is a detailed layout of app screens and arrangements and other visual elements like buttons, icons, etc. wireframes creation is the first and foremost step of mobile app development.

Developing a wireframe for a unique screen generally takes 1-2 hours, and a supporting screen might take half an hour. The wireframe cost of an app with 2-3 screens goes up to $500 and for more screens, it varies between $1500 to $2500.

UI/UX Design Costs:

UI/UX design has a significant role in attracting and engaging customers and improving conversion rates.

The UI design creates impacts on visual details like buttons, font, animations, etc. An average app with simple screens may take about 90 hours of UI designing.

The UX design allows an optimal user experience by taking care of workflows, interactions, etc. A simple UX design may take up to 30 hours on average.

Thus the average cost of UI/UX design begins from $2000 to $2500. It may rise to $30,000 for high complexity applications.

Development Costs:

The development cost depends upon the complexity of the application, developers’ location the number and skill of developers. Generally, the average time of developing E-commerce app is 600 to900 hours. Generally, the development cost for building a typical e-commerce application ranges between $10000 to $30000. If you add some advanced features, it’ll cost $80000

Depending on the advanced feature integrations and complexity of the app, the cost can go up to $80000. The costs also depend upon the geographical location of the development team. Your cost will be reduced if you hire any good Ecommerce App Development Company in India.

Testing and Deployment costs:

Testing is an integral part of app development to check bug issues etc.The testing time usually takes around 12-15% of app development time. If the time for designing the app takes 600 hours, the testing time will be 90 hours. The average testing and deployment cost is $1000 to $20000.

Additional Costs:

Apart from the above discussed costs, some minor costs also occur during e-commerce app development. These are platform license costs, equipment costs, maintenance costs, database and server costs, etc.

Marketing and advertising costs also are prominent aspects of Ecommerce app development.

Let’s look at some of the additional costs.

Google Play/App Store Costs

Google has a one-time registration fee of $25, and Apple has an entry fee of $99 for one year. Besides that, both platforms also take service charges for in-app payments. For Google, it is 30% of the app’s total revenue, while for apple, it is 15%.

Updates and Maintenance

Updates and maintenance charges for every year is 15% to 20% of the total development cost of the application.

Hosting Costs

Depending on the domain you choose and the extent of services you avail, the hosting cost would vary between $20 to $1000 per month.

 Payment Gateway Cost

A payment gateway integration cost is 1.5% – 3% of the transaction cost.

SMS and Email services Cost is approximated $30 per year.

Total Cost:

Now, you can get a clear idea about how the different factors impact the cost to develop carrefouruae webstore like Ecommerce app.

On average, we can say that the total cost of building an Ecommerce app ranges from $30,000 to $200,000. This depends on the app complexity, features, and all the factors that we already saw in the earlier part of this blog. You know that the app development cost varies from country to country. If you want to create a unique webstore Carrefour Ecommerce app on an affordable budget, you should hire a top-notch Ecommerce App Development Company in India.

Final thoughts:

Most business industries have concluded that hiring the best Ecommerce App Development Company in India as the digital transformation partner will be a wise move for their business. It provides the facility of conducting secure transactions and making purchases online.

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