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From the past few years, the process of dating has undergone some major transformations due to the creation of dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Grindr, and Hinge and many more. Dating apps have changed the way people pursue dates and communicate with one another romantically. With technology continuously growing, it’s hard to predict what the future of dating might hold, but the coming out of trends like smart photos, live streaming, and missed connections hint that the future of these applications holds a much more interactive approach. While apps such as Coffee Meets Bagel and Tinder have already removed the social embarrassment associated with using the digital medium to find a date. Well, now the question remains as to what else lies in store for dating apps in the future.

As we all know that matchmaking is one of the old professions in history. With hundreds and thousands of apps and websites available it’s no revelation that the business is budding. The dating sector is now one of the best evolving industries on earth. And with time the number of singles turning to the Internet to find friendship and love, the Trends for Dating Apps shows no signs of slowing down.

What Makes Trends for Dating Apps so Popular?

There are approximately more than 8K dating apps and websites worldwide and out of which 2500 apps are in the US alone. So with this number hopefully singles aren’t short of options when searching for a date, whether it’s by a chosen look, shared hobbies, and interests, or a particular location. There are various reasons why dating apps have so many users:


The main advantage of online dating is that it offers users the opportunity to meet with thousands of single people without having to spend too much money. While most of the dating apps features are free to use and even the cost of upgrading the membership plan is too low on the pocket. Tinder charges only $9.99 for users under 30, while Grindr dating app membership costs around $12 per month. Compared to offline dating options the online dating apps are cost-effective!

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Ease of Use

Most of the dating apps are easy to use as one only needs to set up the profile before getting starting to search for the relevant matches that suit their criteria. Moreover, features such as intuitive browsing and messaging that make these mobile applications a much easier way to choose a friend, lover. These applications are developed by mobile app developers for users with less knowledge of technology. While some dating websites or dating apps provide a detailed questionnaire that users need to fill in order to make it easier for matching algorithms to identify the right matches, the questions are quite easy and simple to answer.


The best part about using the dating apps is that users can access the apps from anywhere at any time, they are far more easy to use than offline dating, which generally involves a long procedure and thus wastes a lot of time and money in trying to find a date that may not suit your requirements. Apps provide users the possibility of choosing the desired partner from the comfort of your home, when on vacation or even during the daily commute hours to work.

What to Expect from Dating Mobile Apps Trends in the Future?

At present the dating apps are offering a wide number of features such as location tracking, swiping and algorithms, but it is quite clear that for rising as a leader in the marketplace comprising thousands of competing apps is important, companies need to perk up the dating experience for users. Adding innovative and useful features based on user needs are the way forward, and here’s how mobile app development companies are hoping to accomplish better results in the upcoming future.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays artificial intelligence and machine learning are in a great trend. Adding these technologies in the dating apps helps to make better matches based on the user’s actions and choices instead of exclusively depending on the already available preferences. With the help of artificial intelligence features the users can analyze the time spent on the dating mobile app, the user’s behavior, response time, the profiles viewed, the time spent on each profile, and chat content. This technology helps in analyzing the overall behavior of the user while using the mobile, fitness schedules, such as web browser history, most-watched shows, photographs, news articles, and other information, thus the matching of profiles would be more perfect. In the upcoming years, Tinder users could use AI assistants to find suitable dates.

Virtual Dating Option

Virtual Reality gave a noteworthy benefit over the other previously gained technological advances in developing a mobile dating application like Tinder. Virtual dating is certainly going to change the heavily rooted pattern of communication into the most convenient manner. This option of dating someone would improve the dating experience immensely and become possible due to the extension of virtual reality into people’s daily life. It offers people to meet and get to know each other in virtual surroundings by a computer linkup. As an outcome, the likely uneasy first date would turn into a delighted dating experience with a much better plan about deciding more meetings. While people can use Skype video calling for conversations, but the virtual reality in the upcoming future will extend this concept. Virtual dating, an individual possibly can explore the world while experiencing their first date.


Generally, it seems nearly doubtful to have a positive reply to planning a date from your dating partner. But once this part is resolved, the next big difficulty is to decide a place to meet where you should have lunch or coffee with your partner. In the coming years, the dating mobile app developers would add linked eateries option to make the dating experience much more comfortable and easy-going.  The user looking out for a match would be able to choose their cuisine or restaurant based on their choice without keeping any compromises. The details which may be required to decide a find a restaurant may be the nature of ambiance, reviews, and ratings. Dating is about skipping tedious routines and hitting cafés, bars, and cuisine with your loved ones, so it truly makes sense to have a purposeful selection for an unforgettable first date.


Without any doubt, dating apps are going to stay. Their accomplishment lies not only in using the advanced technological innovation to provide users with a delighted and trouble-free experience but also in creating features such as security and more practical interactions, which users prioritize in the dating apps. The dating mobile app development industry is rising and presents a bright future. To get robust, high quality, secure and feature-rich dating apps, Get in Touch with a leading mobile app development company. Fluper is a leading dating app development services company with a team of professional and experienced developers and designers for dedicated and time-bound delivery of projects. If you have an app idea and you are looking for the right partner then, we are ready to assist you in this part.

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