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Uber is combining its food delivery and ride-hailing applications, adding a push of novel security features, enhancing vary modes of tour, such as scooters, bikes, and public transportation, & getting occupied in “virtual restaurants,” in addition to multiple manufactured goods announcements that sum to a significant bid to turn into, as the organization’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi mentions, “the operating system for your everyday life.”

The organization launched the product updates at an Apple-like event located in San Francisco on September 26th. However, first, Khosrowshahi took a seat for a private conference with The Verge to clarify why revamping the application makes sense at an instance when Uber is fighting to stem its enormous cash losses, handling queries about its strategy to protection, and combating numerous authoritarian battles across the country.

Khosrowshahi said, “We don’t just live in the digital sphere, and the real world comes with all kinds of complications. “And for us, the challenge is: how do we navigate those complications and how do we make sure that we’re a constructive part of everyone’s life?”



When you initially unlock the application, rather than seeing the map & the search bar inquiring where you would wish to go to, you will view two boxes:

One that says “get a ride”

The other that says “order food.”

Uber is combining its food delivery offering Uber Eats into its chief ride-hailing app. Nevertheless, not each Uber users is going to observe a similar screen. A following edition of the home screen keeps the recognizable map & destination search bar while appending two tabs on the base: eats and rides. Mostly Uber will do an A/B test on it to perceive which one functions the best.

Khosrowshahi said, “What we do see is that the users who use our app both for riding and eating are our most satisfied customers,” “We have more touchpoints with them than anyone else, and our relationship becomes closer,” he added further.


Uber is soon going to introduce a novel four-digit PIN authentication scheme to ensure riders don’t acquire the mistaken vehicle. If you get into, you’ll require speaking the PIN to your driver earlier than he/she can begin the ride.

Besides, Uber is building an innovative technology, which utilizes ultrasound waves to mechanically confirm that you’re in the exact car without any PIN. The phone of the rider will forward this ultrasonic sign to the driver’s mobile phone to verify the PIN automatically. According to Sachin Kansal, Uber’ head of safety product, the technology ought to be prepared to release in a few months.

A new “on-trip reporting” attribute will let riders to account security incidents — unsuitable performance, an out-of-the-way path or a long stop, — during the journey, as different to having to wait till the ride is finished. Uber states its protection team is going follow up subsequent to the trip.

Last year, Uber attached a panic button for dialing 911 from the mobile app. As of now, it will even allow you to text 911 in cities & counties, which support this innovation. Uber will robotically comprise the make, license plate number, model, and position of the vehicle in the text.


Uber will update the “Real-Time ID Check” it declaring 2016, in which riders get selfies to confirm their individuality. Now, drivers are going to have to go their head around, smile, and blink, to offer an additional layer of protection.
Finally, the application is going now drive a push notification to your mobile phone if you get dropped off close to a bike lane; thus you don’t unintentionally hit somebody with the door.

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The novel safety products come in the middle of grave claims against Uber concerning its slack, risk-averse strategy to rider protection. Uber’s particular analysis team, which files protests from riders & drivers, is not permitted to rise those problems to regulation enforcement or file bureaucrat police reports “even when they get confessions of felonies,” as per The Washington Post. Moreover, they are not allowed to counsel victims or probable victims of offenses to look for legal advice.

Stories, such as these can guide to a defeat of faith amongst riders; something Uber is exceptionally conscious of. Kansal told The Verge, “We don’t think trust can be won with one thing.” Adding further, he mentioned, “I think the way we want to win trust is by showing commitment, and that’s going to be long term.”


Uber’s unique transportation attribute is applicable in Denver & London, and recently, the organization is proclaiming a few more cities, which include Paris, Mexico City, San Francisco, and New York City is approaching afterward this year with six other presently unnamed towns. To begin, it will merely be scheduling and fare data; however, Uber expects to add ticketing in the future.

At the time, you plug in your purpose; if there is a channel or bus, which is going to get you there, it will emerge at the peak of the list. Moreover, it will perhaps be a reasonable choice.

Khosrowshahi said, “To some extent, we’re competing against ourselves,” “But we have the philosophy that if there’s a better product out there for the user, and we think an integrated movement solution is better for the user, we should be the ones competing against ourselves versus others doing it.”
The scooters and electric bikes of Uber are getting a boost, too. Beginning after that month, Uber will start viewing scooters and motorcycles on the map, together with its Jump bikes, as well as scooters and competitor Lime’s scooters as well. The corporation is going to make this alter in the 28 cities somewhere its two-wheeled choices are accessible, besides a dozen US towns where Lime scooters are convenient through the Uber application.
“We’re making a very big bet on e-bikes,” Khosrowshahi said. “They make you feel like Superman when you’re on these things.”


In addition to amalgamation its Uber Eats application straight into its essential mobile app, Uber is even doubling its food delivery commerce. It’s launching a new rewards agenda for recurrent food delivery users, in which they will be able to earn valuable tips every time they acquire an Uber ride/get Uber Eats.

Besides, Uber is proclaiming allergy-friendly filters for Uber Eats; therefore; individuals with allergies or dietary limitations can be convinced to shun specific foods in their order. At present, when selecting a dish, you can interact about your allergy or dietary constraint to restaurants via the app. Last of all, Uber is connecting to celebrity chef Rachael Ray to release a novel, “virtual restaurant” that will merely be obtainable on Uber Eats. However, Ray’s food will simply be obtainable in 10 cities for ten weeks.


Uber is up-grading its application for drivers to comprise an “earnings estimator” to assist drivers better remain path of their capital. Uber states it wishes to offer drivers more data so they can comprehend what they can sensibly anticipate earning — even earlier than they get their initial trip.
Uber is even rolling out a “demand heat map,” which features regions where more riders are asking for trips, and improved forecasts of when drivers can suppose a trip request.

Deng said, “We can help save you money,” “And we can help remove this paradox of choice of, ‘What do I do next?’”


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