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Twitter has now enabled its iOS users with an option to directly share their tweets on their respective Snapchat accounts. Previously, users were not able to share their tweets directly on Snapchat and they ended up taking screenshots of their tweets and then went ahead with sharing the same on their afore-mentioned photo sharing platform.

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This option has currently rolled out only for iOS users and sooner or later it will also be available for android users as well. iOS users can execute this option by clicking on the “share” option on a tweet that does not have any privacy view settings and move ahead by finally tapping on the Snapchat icon for being able to share the tweet on their snapchat user accounts. Once the Snapchat icon is selected, iOS users can easily take a snap of their tweet and add the same to their Snapchat stories for sharing it with the public at large.

Twitter users from iOS platform can now share tweets directly on Snapchat-

A spokesperson from Twitter also said that this option shall soon be available for the world’s online photo-sharing and social networking platform, Instagram as well and currently the same is tested at a small level by some iOS users.

Twitter has earlier this month added a feature for turning off its threaded replies experiment and has even shut down twitter, one of its beta applications that have been initially designed for testing new features such as threaded replies.


Twitter with the roll out of this new option aims at making it less complicated for the iOS users to share their impulsive tweets on other platforms. Currently, the option is available for Snapchat and sooner, it will also be initiated for Instagram and other platforms as well. Android users will have to wait for this feature to be released for them and as per the reports, it might not take much of a long time.


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