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We all are living in the era, where we see regular advancement in technology. Now it becomes important for every business to adopt these advancements and deliver something more innovative to users. The business which failed in doing so can’t able to attract users.

The one such technology that is leading today’s market is Wearable technology. This technology has the potential to offer a huge number of opportunities that enhance the thoughts of people from different sectors. In the era of technology, now the dependency on computers is less with the arrival of wearable apps.

Now there are huge requirements of wearable apps that develop a path for the expansion of wearable technology. These technologies can support specialized professionals by aiding and expanding everyday life with the latest technology.

The wearable technology is in existence for the last very long time, but due to some obstacles like battery life, display brightness, processor power, and many other factors delayed its introduction and commercialization.

Now wearable technology has increased its reach to billions of people and people are enjoying using it. So, through this blog, we are going to know top wearables apps to look after in 2020.


Best Wearable Apps


It is one of the top-rated wearable apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The use of this app is for sound sleep and meditation. The app has a feel of refreshing and with the help of its meditation lessons, users Android and Apple SmartWatch can maintain a daily meditation routine.

Major Features

iconIt allows users to experience a peaceful sense of meditation through relevant images and sounds.

iconIt helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

iconFor sound sleep, it incorporated with relaxing music and sleep stories.

iconIntegrated with a breathing exercise

iconIt tracks your daily progress

iconIt helps in eliminating distractions.

iconThe app is ad-free.

iconThe app brings sounds of sleep.


Now no need to take tension of your car parking, with the help of parking app you can easily search a parking space for your vehicle. It also helps you in finding your car as it shows you the location of your car parking. With just a simple click on the car icon, you enable this app. The app provides the best solution to locate your vehicle and due to this, it is the best wearable app for the Android platform.

Major Highlights

iconYou can save a new parking reminder through just a single click on a navigation map.

iconYou can also check the history of your previous parking locations.

iconQuickly determine the parking place of your vehicle.

iconThrough Bluetooth devices, this app automatically detects the parking.

iconUser-Defined zones.

iconThere is a parking timer to avoid fines.

iconVarious navigation options for your car.

iconIndoor or Underground parking locations.


Seven Minute Workout

This is the best fitness app available for wearable devices. With the help of this app, you can easily become a trainer for yourself and lose weight quickly with simple workouts as your daily routine. The app contains 12 high-intensity exercises. You have to perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then after taking a rest of 10 seconds and then start again.

It is declared as the best wearable app for iPhone and the best achievement for the app is that Lifehacker chooses it as the best fitness app integrates with iOS.

Major Highlights

iconThe free workout strategies of the app help you in improving your fitness and lose weight.

iconYou don’t need to look at the device as the app is a voice prompt.

iconYou can also see the video of each exercise and also take the help of a text description.

iconYou can set time for each exercise and also for breaks.

iconHealthkit Integration

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Wear Casts

This is a podcast app available for wearable devices that helps you in streaming and downloading your favorite podcasts through your WearOS watch. You can also save your favorite podcast and watch it later.

But the app comes with a limitation that it is only available for WearOS watches as you can’t use this app on Amazefit, Samsung, or FitBit devices.

Major Highlights

iconThe option of auto and manual downloading of your favorite episodes

iconThere are two different playlists for downloaded episodes and in-progress episodes.

iconIntroduce an OPML and searchable podcast index.

iconPosition for each podcast

iconQuick response to external audio controls

iconRegular notification for latest episodes and also periodic background syncing


Google Keep

It is one of the most trending wearable apps for wear OS. It is a highly important wearable app for Android users. It is the best note-taking app which mostly used in smartwatches.

The important feature of this app is that you can access the notes of this version from any other device.

Major Highlights

iconEasily accessible notes anywhere at anytime

iconIt is easy to create, use, and access notes and also easy to read format.

iconCan be easily integrated with both Android and iOS platform.

iconAvailable option for drawings and adding photos, you can also edit these drawings and photos.

iconDictation feature to describe your thoughts.

iconAddition of colored notes

iconWith the help of the OK Google feature, you can utilize voice commands



It is the best shopping list app through which you can plan your shopping. You can also add your products on the Bring shopping list and make changes whenever needed. You can use multiple lists and share them with your family or friends. You can easily browse hundreds of items and add them to your list.

With the help of the Bring app, you can prepare your list of items at any time using the available items library.

Major Highlights

iconYou can easily create a shopping list through your wearable device.

iconYou can also collect loyalty cards to get benefits.

iconAvailable option for sharing a shopping list with family or friends

iconEasily understandable icons to quickly prepare a grocery list

iconYou can also use voice transcription functionality to add items through your SmartWatch



More than six hundred IF TT applications like Facebook, Philips Hue, Nest, Amazon, Alexa, Nest & Aliens, and your iPhone; Email, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch and Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail. The IFTTT program also interacts with the Health app, making the routines easier to monitor and manage.

Major Highlights

iconCheck the voice and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for all around you

iconKeep up-to-date with the New York Times and ProPublica publications

iconKeep fully prepared for the weather with regular custom notices

iconEmail roommates while you are in the vicinity of a local restaurant.

iconHave an update immediately after you have a new Craigslist listing matching your search.

iconKeep safe with automatic and insightful home safety advisories. Make your social network stable and post your iOS photos.


Medisafe Pill Reminder

The above must be ranked 1st among pharmacists, doctors, and patients for an award-winning pill and drug tracker. Join millions of Medisafe consumers who use our mobile service to monitor their medication treatment – keep on board and never miss another prescription.

Major Highlights

iconDrug-to-Drug Interaction Checker

iconFamily and Caregiver support

iconMedicine Tracker

iconRefill Reminders

iconSupport for complex dose schedules


Hole 19 Golf GPS and Scoring

Hole19, with more than 10 million recorded rounds, is one of UK’s most-used golf GPS ranges finders. The device is as accurate as a real caddy.

The Apple Watch companion provides all the basics and knowledge you need when on the green fields

Major Highlights

iconGPS Rangefinder

iconDigital Scorecard

iconApple Watch compatibility

iconDiscover Courses

iconShare with Friends



The program analyzes the details provided by a health tracker. To track the metabolic rate and to measure it over time, RocketBody uses EKG testing. The right time for your training was decided by these results. All this information is incorporated into a propensity curve which illustrates metabolic shift dynamics overtime in the previous EKG readings. The algorithms of RocketBody then describe the metabolism’s dependence on the input information.

Major Highlights

iconMonitoring your current health condition

iconDrawing up an individual training plan


Wearable technology has historically unimaginably transformed people’s lives. When you have an idea to create an app for wearables such as smartwatches, you can approach a wireless product development firm to build your program. Wearable devices provide solutions for challenges that we do not feel existed.


Anshul Sharma

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