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As we know that technology is evolving at a fast speed and on the whole, we all use news applications and television to keep ourselves updated with the latest news entertainment and IT news. Just a single mobile app installation provides you with immense information and keeps you updated with everything around. A few years back Television was the only way to know about the latest happenings around the world in the technology field. But it is not feasible to carry it with you in every place, so the Mobile App Development industry has come up with the various tech news applications that provide you with all the details at the right time. These mobile apps are also compatible with your laptops, desktops, and small screen devices.

These tech mobile apps are competent in providing all the latest newest news related to all the industries. These applications are easy to use as they run all the videos very easily. Well, there are many tech-related news websites and applications accessible in the marketplace. If you want to keep yourself updated then simply read this piece of the write-up and download the app of your choice that keeps you updated about all the latest tech news in the world. You will also get regular notifications regarding all the important news so that you will not miss any important news.

List of 10 best tech news applications for Android and iOS devices:


Microsoft News

It is undoubtedly one of the trusted news apps that provide you with authentic and genuine news from all across the globe. The news channel works with hundreds and publishers to deliver you with best and authentic news, Microsoft News is an astonishingly honest news platform for Android. This news app makes it easy for the user to move from news to another, and from one section to another. The clean design of the app helps you to read the news articles without a mess. Even the app is integrated with, with dark mode feature for night-time reading in which you can save your articles for later. The app is free to use and you can read as much as articles you want to read on this truly amazing app.



Scooper news

If you love to read the trending news all across the globe then download this app for your device. Scooper News provides its users with modified news feeds according to the interest of the user. The personalized news option in this app makes it different from other apps in this category. In addition to this, Scooper News also offers you with a lot of tech-related videos. The scooper app for Android is available on the Google Play Store. With this app, you can also find out lots of interesting tech reality, tech invention videos, etc. So, Scooper news is yet another news mobile app that you can download today.



On this news app, you can easily read and share the news with your friends via social media sharing options in the app. The Feedly app is available for both Android and iOS users. The application is used by millions of professionals every day to read blogs, news, or articles related to their interest. With this tech news app, you can without difficulty systematize all your publications, YouTube channels, blogs, and much more. In short, it is one-stop solutions through which you can read and share more professionally. No more trouble. All the content in Feedly is organized in such a personalized clean and easy-to-read manner. The app is free and easy to use.



Interested in breaking tech news? Well, if yes, then TechCrunch is the best tech-related app on which you can read headlines quickly every day. The best feature of this app is that you can customize the content of your choice. The TechCrunch app is the best way to get breaking tech news on your phone. Without any doubt, TechCrunch is a matchless source of getting complete news about startups, mobile applications, digital world, and more. The TechCrunch’s website is also connected with Crunchbase thus you will get details about all leading tech businesses efficiently.


News Republic

When it comes to news apps it is not possible to ignore the news republic app. The news app is powered with artificial intelligence thus you will get all the breaking news directly delivered to you. With this app news channel, you can get articles and news from 2,500 authorized international and local sources. You will get content related to all the topics on this portal. It also gives its worldwide users a choice to watch news videos if you are comfortable in reading much.


Google News

Now you can download the Google news app on your iOS and Android devices and can enjoy the latest news in the news feed. When it comes to Android App Development Google provide the best services like it’s all other services. The Google new app contains all types of news that are happening globally. It comes with a very simple to use interface that makes it easy to adapt with your browsing habits. You can download the articles for later use as well.



The award-winning app is used by millions of people every day to browse the news and popular stories. The news in this app is presented in an organized way so that you can access the information for specific industries easily. With a diversity of interests and stories to explore, you can also follow other people on this app. There is something special for everyone according to their interest. You can choose any category from Food to travel, news to technology, and design to photography. With a variety of things to explore you can download this app not only for reading news but also for creating a customized magazine according to your interests.

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Want to read the tech articles in distraction-free mode? If yes then TechMeme is one of the best tech news apps to get updates related to all the happenings in the world. The online aggregator collects the news from all the authentic platforms and provides its users with a clean and fresh experience that is specially optimized for mobile devices. This news portal has changed a lot over the last few years according to the demands of the people. The homepage of the Techmeme app consists of various headlines along with a snippet so that reader can get a brief about the news with a short description. If you want to check the more news in less space than this one-page app is the best choice.



Now you can enjoy the news in the form of short, unbiased videos and can become the most knowledgeable person in the room. Certainly, Newsy is one of the best video news apps available for the Google play store platform. The trusted platform is used by millions of news lovers in the US and one of the huge platforms. The application provides you with the best user experience possible and covers all vital facts and figures. The app will have a wide range of video category section that includes national, international, and technology, related news. This news available in this aggregator is properly researched and then offered in video form.



Looking for some short and crisp new headlines? Download the Inshorts app. Inshorts is undoubtedly one of the best news apps that provides you with business-related and IT news updates in a unique format. The app collects news from numerous national and international resources and presents the news in 60 words or less. Thus, Inshorts on the whole crafts the news in the shortest form which makes it easy for readers to read the news on their mobile devices.

 Wrapping Up

It is difficult to stay updated with all the things happening in the world, but with these applications, you can stay informed with the tech world that matters most to the people dealing in the mobile app development industry. Download any of the above-mentioned applications that suit your tech requirements in the best possible manner. Moreover, you can also create your news app according to your needs. Connect with us and discuss your needs today. We would love to assist you in this part.


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