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There is no doubt in saying that Smartphones are ruling over our lives. Most of us perform our everyday tasks with the use of Smartphone such as waking up early in the morning to ordering dinner from favorite restaurants. However, it’s all not due to your smartphone, thanks to the arrival of mobile apps that helps in performing different tasks and functionalities through Smartphones.

We almost spend around 3-4 hours of a day using a smartphone and 92% of that time while working on mobile apps. Even after the enormous use of mobile apps, did you ever think about that mobile apps can beneficial for the world or our planet?


It is important for all of us to do something for the world and if we can easily do it by using mobile apps, then why to wait? Today, there are plenty of mobile apps that help you in paying attention to our planet, world, and save them with our everyday actions. These mobile apps allow you to save the environment and bring social change in the world by taking small steps.

So, here in this blog, we are going to discuss how to save the world using mobile apps and contribute towards the betterment of society.

iconMobile Apps to Save Water

Mobile Apps To Save Water

We all know the importance of water in our life, but the level of usable water is decreasing day-by-day. So, it’s our responsibility to save water and that we can easily do by installing these mobile apps;


It allows you to conserve water by connecting you with your water utility company through smartphones. The app alerts you about any leakage and the water consumption by you in comparison to other users like you.

It also provides different ways to conserve water and using this app you can track the water consumption by you on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.



It is a mobile app that helps you in getting an estimation of the collection of rainwater in your roof. It provides estimation based on the roof area, the efficiency of rainfall, and collection points. The app allows you to store rainwater and effectively use it.


Mobile Apps for Sustainable Lifestyle

Mobile Apps for Sustainable Lifestyle

Our Earth has very limited resources and we all are dependent on these. But as these are limited, we need to conserve it for the upcoming generation. That’s why now mobile app Developers focuses towards developing such app like;



The major motive of the app is to spread social sustainability by giving incentives for people and allows them to live a more eco-friendly life.  The app runs contests regarding a sustainable lifestyle and provides awards to the users according to the leaderboard. The app also provides regular posts regarding the environment and provides tips to users about environmental consciousness and products.



It is one of the finest mobile apps for creating sustainability fun. Through the app, users can receive various badges and points for performing environment-friendly habits like switching-off light. You can also share your achievements with your friend using the app.


Mobile Apps for Climate


Whatever we do with our climate, it gives back to us. So, it’s our responsibility to maintain a good climate and for that, we can take help of these mobile apps;


CO2 Green Drive

It is the finest app to track the amount of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide released by your vehicle and it also provides you details about how much emission you save by walking, bicycling, and driving an electric car.



With Oroeco, users can monitor their climate effect by using the carbon footprint calculator to see how everyday practices to ecosystems are linked to global warming and provide customized environmental assistance (and money) suggestions.

They should also promote top-class reduction schemes for carbon emissions, encourage friends and groups to change the atmosphere and draw connections between friends and the world to ensure they become a climate champion.


Mobile Apps to Save Life


There are some of the apps developed by mobile app Development Company that help in saving a life from any immediate incident or provide us alert about any infection, disease, or allergy.


Siren GPS

Sometimes it is not easy to track the exact location of an emergency service caller, but with Siren GPS, the problem is solved. It provides direct access to your GPS location and provides immediate response to your emergency services. The app also provides service of communication even in poor or no cell phone network.


Allergy FT

Allergy FT is a source of food allergy. The app will assist consumers in recognizing up to 62 food allergies and turning them into saving lives. The software allows users to turn allergies into languages like French, German, and Spanish. This is a perfect app for travelers having allergies.


Mobile Apps to Save Energy


How interesting it will be if you can save energy with the help of your smartphone. But, you can do it, by downloading these mobile apps on your smartphone.


Light Bulb Finder

Do you want to turn to more economical light bulbs, but don’t know where to begin? The Light Bulb Finder app will help you work out your choices and the price for any of their energy efficiency and cost efficiency, according to your lifestyles and needs.


Energy Cost Calculator

This app tells people how much an appliance costs to work for a given amount of time and how much you can save if you use it less. You input the device wattage or kWh and how long you use the appliance. The app then measures how much you pay per week, month, or even year for that particular unit. The app is only available for iOS users as developed by iOS app Development Company.


Some Other Popular Mobile Apps to Save World


Let’s discuss some more apps that help in saving the world and are highly popular among users.



It is a mobile app that motivates you to support the world by donating something as per your choice. Every day it comes alert about organizations that are working on projects to change the world. So, you can donate in any of such an organization that inspires you the most. You can also share it in your social media accounts and encourage your friends to do so.



This app is run by the UN World Food Programme and the major motive of the app to provide meals for everyone. Using this app, you can donate money to help in the fight against hunger and you also get notification about where your money goes and how it provides meals to needy people.

Not only money, but you can also inform about food (if you have extra) through the app and feed hungry people of the country.


Plastic Analyzer

Through this free app, you can figure out what type of plastic you use and whether or not it can be recycled. The app also reveals what items are used in the plastic bag or container that you have, and in what bin you should dump them in by merely looking for the plastic identification code.


There are various other apps that help in saving our world or planet. But the above-discussed are some of the best apps and using them you can help in saving the world. This is our major responsibility to do something for the world and if we can do it simply with our smartphone by downloading a few mobile apps then why stay behind.

Being a leading mobile app development company in UK, we encourage users to use such apps and also offer huge discounts on the development of such mobile apps.



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