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Apps have touched our lives in every realm possible, and education is no exception. We all remember those boring lectures without fun, but thanks to apps that have changed the picture. There are tons and tons of apps some of them are from top iPhone application development companies and others are developed by freelancers in the education category that have made boring subjects interesting to some extent, at least. But you may have to search through the overcrowded app stores for a good app for your needs, so we have created a list of top and best apps on iTunes that is suitable for every school or college goer.


We choose this app first as we know how scary mathematics can be for the young guns. This app simply scans the maths problem and produces the solution for the problem. It can understand the handwritten problems and provide step by step guide for the kids to understand properly. It also features a smart calculator. Photomath supports algebra, logarithm, roots, trigonometry and many more.
This can help students solve and understand the problems in an interactive way, so that learning can be fun not burden. It is available for free on iTunes, but has some in-app purchases.

Ratings: 4.5/5


Khan Academy

With over 4000 videos on different topics, Khan Academy promises to learn “almost anything for free”. It covers almost every subjects including Biology, Chemistry, History and Finance. It supports performance tracking and is good for both students and teachers. Khan Academy has partnered with NASA and MIT to offer special content. And it’s all for free. It acclaims to be “not for profit organization” for free education. It is completely free of cost on iTunes.

Ratings: 4/5



We cannot forget this popular language teaching app. It helps you learn new languages with interactive games and graphics. With over 25 language courses, you can learn Russian, Polish, German, French and many other languages, with Spanish being learned by most 78.1 million learners. It was the app of the year in 2013 on Apple App Store. It is available for free but has some in-app purchases.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Educational Mobile Apps



This app turns your iPhone into a portable scanner. It scans documents, notes and books to read later and saves it to cloud. It supports pdf and jpeg formats for scanning the pages. It can scan the pages into pdf that are searchable using OCR (optical character reader). Although there are many scanning apps out there, but none matches with the feature list and quality of this one. It has features for individual and series of pages for scan providing editing facility too. It is available for free with in-app purchases.

Ratings: 5/5


Revision App

This is one of the best revision tool for the iPhone users. With all subjects being covered, it is handy at the time of exams when we need everything at one place instead of going here and there. It is suitable for GCSE, AS-Level, A2-Level & 11 Plus Subjects. “Made by teachers” it involves videos and graphics to understand better. You can create your own revision card and save them for later revision too. It is freely available.

My Study Life

College life can be busy, if you have lots of assignments and lectures lined up. This is not just an ordinary scheduler it helps you to submit all your assignments and attend lectures on time without any hassle. It also syncs all your data to cloud so that you can access it from any device. Keeping the track of every upcoming activity that is scheduled can help a lot in managing the tasks. It is available for free.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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