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Want to Hire Android App Developer or iOS App Developer to get your next native app? This blog is going to help you out!

In today’s extremely competitive mobile application market, app developers face the difficulty of stiff deadlines on a standard basis. To add fuel to the fire, organizations and clients expect faster delivery of their mobile application with quicker performance, as well as, minimal costs. This turns the things tremendously tricky for app developers. As a result, new app development frameworks are established to handle these difficulties that have made mobile app development easier for the developers. You all must be aware of the fact that Facebook took a step in that direction and introduced React Native.

If you are a web or mobile app developer with a wish to go into the enormous globe of mobile app development; however, don’t want to waste your time learning Kotlin or Java for Android Development, or Swift or Objective C for iOS Development, then without any doubt React Native could be a huge tool for you. Today, in this blog, I am going to list 5 best courses to learn React Native without any hassle. However, before that let’s go through a brief introduction of React Native, along with its increasing market demand.

React Native Applications are Really True Native Apps!

CTA react native app

What is React Native?

It is an extension of React, a recognized JavaScript framework to build web apps that allows you to construct native iOS and Android Applications in JavaScript. Dissimilar to Cordova and Ionic, which promote write once run everywhere, however, doesn’t proffer you to build a native application; React Native does change your code into native code, particularly for GUI. This implies, rather than running your app in a web browser or WebView, such as ionic and Cordova, you can acquire a possibility to create a native application for both iOS and Android in JavaScript. Along with Redux, React Native is turning into an increasingly well-liked and a precious skill for your resume if you want a job in app development space.

Unique About React Native

5 Courses to Learn the Advanced Concepts of React Native

If you have gone through my blogs before, then you must be aware of my 3 points formula, in order to learn a new technology or a framework. Yes, that 3 point formula has assisted me to discover several technologies in the past including Hibernate, Spring, and Git and now I am utilizing this technique, in order to learn Docker, Kotlin, and Data Science for upgrading my technical skills.

I usually begin with a high-quality online course, which aids me to comprehend the most significant part and grow some hands-on familiarity with respect to setup, as well as, building simple apps.

For learning, these fresh technologies, once I am aware of fundamentals, I go through a book to acquire a broad coverage of all the fundamentals covered in the online course, along with something that has not been enclosed at all. After carrying out the book and online course, I build a real-world app, in order to test my knowledge, as well as, fill the holes in my learning.

5 Courses to Learn the Advanced Concepts of ReactHaving said that, let’s begin with some of the best React Native courses and begin developing native mobile applications using JavaScript.

The Complete React Native and Redux Course

This is, without any doubt, one of the best courses if you actually want to learn Redux and React Native. It will teach you the core knowledge, which is essential to learn, as well as, build React components for mobile gadgets. The course begins with illuminating the fundamentals of React, which includes JSX, state, props, and event handling, hence even if you are not recognizable with the React framework, it is possible to start with React Native.
This will not only aid you to know the basics of React but even the concepts and terminology of Redux, which is another admired JavaScript framework to develop UI. Moreover, it will help you to rapidly build a prototype, as well as, deploy your own apps to the Google and Apple Play Stores. In short, it is without any doubt the most suitable courses to understand Redux and React Native in a short time.

React Native: Advanced Concepts

This is an additional React Native course from the similar author, Stephen Grider, who will demonstrate you the strategy to master the innovative topics of React Native, which includes maps, navigation, animations, notifications, and more. This course will easily educate you the theory, as well as, the practice of executing complicated animation systems to bootstrap your application with the latest expo platform. Not only this, you will even learn to navigate your user with using React-Navigation.
You will get to know the tactic to authenticate your users by using Facebook OAuth, connect your audiences with programmed push notifications, improve authentication flows within your application with the one-time password with Twilio, and augment your app’s consistency with offline data perseverance. All-in-all, you can take this and the earlier course by the similar author to get expertise in React Native within one or two months.

React Native- The Practical Guide

Just like the above, it is one of the popular React-Native Courses for developers from Udemy. I truly like how the writer clarified React Native to the web developers: how it permits you to construct grand, native mobile applications with the help of the same web technology we utilize to develop tremendous and responsive web apps.
This course will allow you to learn the method to create your own React Native applications, publish them to both the stores, including Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and dive actually deep into the ecosystem of React Native.
In addition, you will learn about the theory of React Native, along with its core concepts, how to create responsive designs that occupied on dissimilar device sizes, how to navigate around, how to animate React Native applications, use the camera and maps, and so much more. This is a practical, interesting, and hands-on course, in order to learn React Native on your own.

Create Your First React Native App

It is a crash course in developing your first React Native application in a weekend or less. In case, you are an inquisitive developer who loves to do things instead of reading and learning, then this course is just for you.
The course is developed to get you up, as well as, implementing with React Native, as rapidly as, feasible while initiating you to the most crucial section of React Native development. It would not be wrong to say that a right course for anyone who wants to get begin with React Native or Developers searching for a substitute to their Ionic or Cordova based mobile applications.

Build a Mobile App in Within an Hour with React Native

At times, when I am actually keen to jump into technology, I just begin structuring a bit with that and discover along the way.
This course pursues that model, and it asserts to educate React Native, along with its principles with the help of developing a tinder-like jokes application in quick time.
Here, in this course, you will be trained the popular markup language of React, uniting JavaScript and HTML and get rapidly trained on breaking down huge apps into much smaller or slighter component-based resolutions that you can re-use all through your code.
Apart from this, you will also get to know about how ‘state’ and ‘props’ work, more prominently, comprehend what they precisely are, what they perform, and why do you require them. In short, it is one of the immense courses to commence your journey into the stunning world of mobile, as well as, app development.

Wrapping It Up

That’s all the crucial information I have about a few of the best courses to learn React Native so that building a mobile app for iOS and Android platform using JavaScript can become hassle-free.
I hope, all who were thinking to hire Android App Developer now must be aware of the fact that React Native is an outstanding framework which lessens both learning and delivery time. It even allows you to rapidly build, as well as, ship the dream application you always wished to build. Different from Ionic and Cordova, it enables you to really build a native application, which utilizes native GUI components.
In short, React Native is the greatest way to create native mobile applications for Android and iOS. It is trusted by big organizations like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Airbnb, and more. In case, you want to learn something new, then React Native is without any doubt a good choice for you.
Also, those who are looking to build an advanced mobile app but unable to find any trusted partner can get in touch with Fluper. It is leading organization known for its outstanding solutions across the globe. So, what are you waiting for? Discuss your project with us now!

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