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Undoubtedly, Android app development relies on an integer number of tools and techniques, and it depends on the developer whether you choose to go the authorized way or select another way instead. Indeed, with so many options to get started with, at times, it is tricky knowing which is preeminent for you. Which tools GIVE you maximum benefits, and which programming language do you need to start coding? Yes, there is a plethora of questions that come into the mind of a developer while starting the mobile app development.

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For making the development cycle less tricky, there are several tools that developers can use to make the process smooth and fast at the same time. The main reason behind the fame of android apps is the features it offers. From vast community support to high-level of customization, a large share of companies building deal in android development.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 5 Android app development IDE tools that help developers in building the most exclusive, responsive, and feature-rich apps.

Some statistics

  • With about 2.56 million mobile apps on Google play store, the android platform is becoming the biggest store for downloading apps. And as per the latest studies, it is predicted that Android apps hold about 87 percent of the marketplace share in some time.
  • As per the market reports, Android apps will dominate 48 percent of the app development market in the future. It is the right opportunity for developers to implement their ideas to make apps that make a unique place in the marketplace.

What is an IDE?

An IDE also, is known as the Integrated Development Environment, is a solution that gives mobile app developers an extra edge that helps in completing complex development tasks quickly and efficiently. The comprehensive solution allows mobile app developers to carry out the software development cycle smoothly. These IDE tools help in designing, compiling, writing, testing, and debugging the code to make complex apps efficiently.

Top 5 Best IDE tools for Android App Development


Being one of the renowned and used Android app development tools, Eclipse offers a unique set of tools that help in the customization part when it comes to development. This tool offers a separate codebase environment that helps to scale up the optimization in the applications.

  • Profound Development Environment
  • Core Language Features
  • Automatic Error Reporting
  • Module Distribution
  • Debugging Your Code
  • Free To Use & Open Source

Android Studio

When we generally talk about IDE tools, Android Studio is the name that we cannot overlook in any way. It is one of the renowned software for Android app development applications. Due to its number of features, this tool consistently made its place on top of the table. It is a very prevailing software, which is offering the most modern tools and plug-ins to create feature-rich applications. The software is made by Google in 2013 and is grabbing the attention of developers across the globe.

  • Insightful code
  • Proofreader
  • Quick and responsive emulator
  • Powerful and Adaptable
  • Powerful Testing Tools
  • Cloud and Firebase Connectivity

IntelliJ IDEA

If you are looking for a tool that helps you in enterprise mobile and web app development, then you are on the right page. IntelliJ IDEA has a clean and fine interface. This tool specializes in enterprise development with the assistance of Java, Kotlin, Groovy, and a lot of different frameworks that are mostly used for Android application development. The complete documentation helps in flawless integration that is trouble-free to understand.

  • Productivity boosters
  • Unobtrusive intelligence
  • Quick navigation
  • Error analysis
  • Conduct inspections

AVD Manager

The Android Virtual Device also, is known as AVD, is one more Android app builder that simulates the Android devices on your laptop so that you can analyze your application on a diversity of devices and Android API levels. This emulator provides almost all of the features of an actual Android device.

  • Quick Boot
  • Compatibility with CTS
  • Improved Executions
  • Display Easiness


Last in the list, but it is a feature-rich IDE that allows mobile app developers to develop Android applications in diverse languages. This tool follows a lightweight & heavy coding model support up to forty languages. DeuterIDE also takes help from a virtual keyboard to combine the symbols.

  • Open text files
  • Dropbox integration
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Automatic indentation
  • Bracket matching support


To conclude this session, we can say that we have included all the necessary Android app development tools that can help you to build the most vibrant, robust, and feature-rich applications. The IDE tools that we have mentioned help Android app developers to bring accomplishment through striking designs and features. The team at Fluper- Best android app Development Company has core proficiency in using these tools and delivering apps that go beyond your expectations in every possible aspect.

If you are running a business and planning to develop an app to rule the industry, then you are on the right track. Give your idea a boost and connect with a reliable Android app development team. In addition to the above, read the entire blog and do let us know your views in the comments section, we would love to hear from you.

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