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Voice assistants are increasingly becoming popular amongst users today. Most of us are aware of Apple’s Siri that surfaced in 2011 and gained quite a lot of attention over the years. However, no one would have thought of the future of this impressive assistant technology. Today, a lot of people are familiar with the Google Voice Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other smart devices. The revolution started taking shape when Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other such voice assistants came into the mainstream in 2017. It successfully proved that voice assistants are here to stay and evolve further. 

Top 4 Voice Assistant Trends in 2021

These smart voice assistants are not just limited to households but are making their space in the business sectors as well. In fact, you can even spot an enterprise app development company using this technology in their work. The use of voice assistants has been expanding in various other sectors such as healthcare, education, entertainment, and others. 

Top 4 Voice Assistant Trends in 2021

So, let us take a keen look at how these voice assistant trends are going to transform 2021 and the coming years. 

1Voice AI to lead paths

With the expansion of the latest trends in the technological world, people have started to expect more and more. For all good reasons, the expectation seems to bear fruits for everyone. AI and other such intelligent technological algorithms are being trained to understand users’ search behavior and patterns. It is being done to enhance the voice assistant’s search skills to deliver better results for users. This unique capability of thinking makes AI more efficient in managing quick queries and maintaining relevance.

2Preference for Personalized Experiences

Customers are the market boss in today’s times. Thus brands and businesses try to offer customised products & services as a USP to maintain their value and attract potential customers. So, making voice assistants focus on the customisation feature can help more customers engage with such devices. 

3The versatile uses of voice assistants

A survey by Capgemini reveals that 52% of respondents would like to buy electronics through a voice assistant. This is no wonder as electronics are one of the most frequently bought consumer goods online vs. in-store. It shows that users will prefer a voice assistant for online shopping. This has been changing the way people do their daily tasks with the help of voice assistants. It helps them multitask like never before. Voice assistants can also function as time or task trackers, reminders, and to-do managers. 

4Scope in conversational marketing

Voice assistant technology likely has quite a lot of potential in implementing conversational marketing strategies in the near future. Since voice assistants are becoming quite popular and conversational artificial intelligence is also at its peak, the amalgamation of the two can help curate innovative paths. Also, the combination of the two is the fastest way to make the customers move through the marketing and sales funnels with the help of real-time conversations. The use of voice assistants in conversation marketing will also help deliver new and authentic experiences to the customers. 


With various iOS app development processes taking place around the world, we hope to see better integration of voice assistants in various electronic devices.


Top 4 Voice Assistant Trends in 2021

Vinay Kumar

Being a Web Tech Lead and with a relevant experience, Vinay Kumar has gained the art of team and project handling to get the best out of them. During his career, he never stops learning new things. Talking about his interest, he is currently exploring innovative technologies that can bring transformation to businesses.

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