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As we know that millions of apps are developed every year but still only a few apps make a mark in the marketplace. There are approximately more than 3 million apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The point here is that there are millions of apps accessible officially and it is hard to remember the name of a hundred. Mobile app development is a tough job but making a successful app is a much more hectic and difficult job.

The thought of mobile app failure is above and beyond an error or bug that can be improved. Moreover, several issues are most possible to cause an application to fall short. It is important to get aware of all these issues, that won’t necessarily make your application resistant to failure. Instead, keeping all these things in mind help you proceed sensibly and look for the signs of things that could take a wicked turn.

The best ways to make a mobile app successful is t keeping all the necessary factors in the mind while the development process. Of course, we can effortlessly blame the highly flooded marketplace but the reality is far better than that. The main streams of mobile app developers even do not follow the guidelines provided by the platforms and thus eventually make the same mistakes again and again. In spite of how you calculate your application success, without appropriate planning and without learning from others’ mistakes, your app cannot probably achieve its goals.

In this write up we are going to discuss the top 10 reasons that help you to avoid these silly mistakes. Let’s get started!

iconNot focusing on Market Research

It is important to have a great idea about a mobile app. This thing is a different thing than actually developing it. Your business mobile app development project idea needs to be unique and should be based on marketplace research and genuine facts. It is important to know who would use your application even before writing a single line of code. To avoid failure it is good to research how this app would help the public in the real world and how it would get successful.


Not Choosing the Right Platform

If you have plans to launch your business app for iOS and Android platforms then it is good to focus on one platform at one time. Most of the developers to make the process of development hassle-free start developing the project for both the platforms at the same time that leads to many problems like not meeting the deadlines. Make sure you select the right platform based on your budget and target audience. There are so a lot of differences between the iOS and Android platforms. When developing an app for your business, keep these small differences in mind to give the app a standard interface.

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Not Focusing On User Experience

Developing a successful mobile app is quite a tough job and there are thousands of things that developers have to keep in the mind while building apps. There are an integer number of components that must work together. In general, a regular user doesn’t know these things and sensibly he will not even care. It is exclusively developers’ liability to keep an eye on these things to offer the user a better experience. There are a lot of little things developers do need to think twice; as small details matter a lot and most of the time it is important to recognize the user experience. To avoid failure focus on your app performance, loading time, stability, and features.


Not Making the App feature-rich

It is good to use excellent marketing tactics to get a reasonable number of users. But getting users to download your business app is a diverse thing than keeping them concerned in your app and its features. Make certain the app is motivating enough to keep the audience focused and interested all the time. Make certain they see your app as a precious thing as an alternative of something that is just downloaded in their phone and using the space needlessly.


No app marketing

There are more than 6 million apps accessible today. If you do not make public your application, no one will come to know about your products, services or business. In case you don’t marketplace your product in the right manner then potential users can’t find your application. To make your app a successful one it is important to market it well on various platforms before your launch. Make certain your marketing team continues their efforts well after your business app hits the marketplace.


Poor User Interface

Normally, a poor user interface means a poor design. Today, most of the apps in the Apple and Google store are rejected by users eventually leading to their breakdown due to deprived user experience. If the presentation of an app is not according to the needs of the users, they will soon uninstall it in no time. If users are unable to execute basic functions flawlessly, then it will be very tough for mobile app developers to sell their products or services in the market.


Apps Full of Errors

In case your app is full of bugs and errors then users don’t use applications. Usually, one crash is sufficient to upset a customer and leave a negative review. Once you start getting deprived of criticism from your possible customers your chances of getting new users to reduce. Though it is not possible to make the public a 100% bug-free app, the app developer should make certain that the app passes the testing part before the launch.


Similar Applications

The truth is that there are millions of applications in the app store. There are numerous apps that are similar to each other in the social media marketplace. Out of these, some apps are downloaded and used by diverse users and some of them remain hidden. In order to make sure your app’s achievement, it is significant to check out your competitors before developing an app. By doing this you can effortlessly define their strengths and weakness and implement things in your app. Also, this information will help you to make an exclusive value suggestion that will be the driving force of your apps overall downloads and sales.


Ignoring Users’ Perspective

As mentioned above, there are a lot of things that matter in the mobile app development process and your users play an important part in this thing. During the development process and even after the achievement, you should see your app from the users’ perspective. It is important to make your app a useful app and give people a reason to install it, keep it and use it. In case you are fulfilling the demands of the user then, you are going in the right direction.


Lack of Quality Testing

In case you have done all the things perfectly and do successfully avoid all the errors and mistakes mentioned above, then you are possibly going to make the app a perfect one in the first attempt. For some people, app development is a budding procedure where you have to constantly move forward toward improved solutions. Launching your mobile app in the marketplace without right testing and analysis is one of the most horrible mistakes you can make.

Why mobile apps fail?

The presentation of a mobile app depends on a lot of factors that can depend on a series of things from competition to marketing budgets. But ahead of all these factors, poor market investigation and poor procedure execution are common reasons why mobile apps eventually fail when launched. Focusing on the market and the audience research, following platform-specific guidelines and systematic quality assurance testing can be the differentiation between failure and success.


In this write up we have listed some of these most widespread yet overwhelming mistakes. It is good to consider the above-discussed points to avoid apps failure. Apart from developing an app that stands out in the marketplace, it is also important to make intended moves and to be careful about the strategies you set up when deciding the marketplace for your application. The approach applied for marketing your application is an evenly serious step, particularly when it comes to the timing and the objective audience. Some top reasons help you create a flourishing application. Moreover, if you are looking Mobile App Development Company in London then you can connect with Fluper. We are a leading company providing you with diverse solutions in a cost-effective manner.


Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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