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The sub-continent of the world, India offers the biggest market for world’s different business organizations. The country has been known throughout as the hub for a cheap workforce. Look up in the history textbooks to find such a statement mentioned over and over again. It is highly likely that such a productive country hosts brilliant mobile application developers renowned for their Android and iOS applications. The cheap labor invested by the fellow citizens does not mean they are unskilled. Most of the IT companies prefer outsourcing most of their work from India itself. Even in the foreign land, the citizens proved their competency in every field wherever you place them. Therefore, it comes not as a surprise if the Indian developers have mastered world’s famous applications.

Listing out top 10 android application development companies that ranked in India and acquired accolades worldwide for their work.


Leading CMMI level 3 software, web and mobile app development company, OpenXcell came into existence way back in the year of 2008. Winning different accolades for their app building strategies such as “Best software development firm”, the company has time-to-time given proofs of their skills and the applications designed by the team. It says experience does count and OpenXcell aptly exemplifies this fact here. The dedicated team of iOS and Android app developers, the company can meet any requirement across varied genres. Such worthy partner is definitely deserving an intensive research.

Openxcell Mobile App Development Company


Delivering web and mobile app development solutions across Android and iOS operating system within the stipulated time is what the professionals of Fluper have experience in. Their untold dedication and professional approach to work goes undeniable and gets reflected in the mind-blowing apps the team designs for the different clients. Right from market research to quality assurance and testing, the team of Fluper stays by their clients’ side to offer assistance whenever the applications falter to bring prescribed results. Hiring their experience for a price much lower than the market standard is definitely a wise investment decision since app building is not a day’s work and need consistent effort to stay ahead in the app stores.

Fluper Mobile App Development Company

Hyperlink Infosystem

A renowned company based in USA and India has managed to steal the topmost position among the Android application developers in India and across the world for their IT solutions. Came around the year 2011, the company never had to rethink their business strategies as it crossed milestones one after the other. It never faltered in its steps when delivering smooth app building solutions to the clients. Delivering on time with quality assured is something that forms the core competency of the developers and has been reflected in the apps they help design for the clients.

Hyperlinks Mobile App Development Company

iMOBDEV Technologies Pvt.

Tailored applications at affordable rates can be quite a surprise for any companies seeking for app development services. iMobdev Technologies had around 8 + years of experience working in the same field and have satisfied clients with their talent over and over again. They house a qualified team of web and mobile app developers who are experienced working on different technology platforms. Come what may the team is always ready to counter any challenges that are thrown on their face from time to time.

Hyperlinks Mobile App Development Company


Upholding the status of one of the top mobile app developer for the android clients require hard-work and dedication. AppInventive has that in tons among the dedicated team of experienced professionals who have successfully made to the top 10 list. ‘Kmart’, ‘Timekeeper’, ‘StyleFind’, ‘EmotiChat’ etc. are few striking examples of applications the team has rendered to meet the varied specifications of the clientele.

Appinventiv Mobile App Development Company

Code Brew Labs

This is one of the young companies to have made this far amongst the top 10 android app developers for India. Code Brew Labs has acquired remarkable milestones for the outstanding applications that successfully kept the users engaged for hours. The team of 50 + employees, Code Brew Labs has the right combination of talents to convert any impossible idea into striking outputs. They have strictly followed the philosophy of placing user experience right at the center. Review Company like Clutch have awarded the company with 5 stars.

Codebrew Mobile App Development Company


Founded in the year of 2009, TechAhead has successfully managed to stay ahead in the app development competition with their applications. It has been globally recognized for their work especially specialized in Android, iPhone, iOS, Cross-platform and other types of applications. They have always given ample evidence of their versatility and when it comes to mobile applications, nothing can beat them in the competition. Occupying a position among the top 10 developers is actually justified.

Techahead App Development Company

Konstant Infosolutions

Founded in the year of 2003, Konstant Info solution has constantly withheld its position among the top 10 android app developers within India and beyond for consecutive years. The dedicated team of developers never swayed away from their responsibilities once and their work has always attracted mass attention from the experts. Android, iOS, Hybrid or Web development, the team are experts in all the genres. Just challenge them and they will baffle you with their output.

Konstant App Development Company


They are undoubtedly an experience to cherish at least the remarkable applications which the team helps design for the clients. They have defined applications as a common platform that connects brands and customers in a single, tight string. Applications such as ‘Fanzir’, ‘BJP’ are few of the applications build under the banner of Techugo.

Techogo App Development Company

 Mobulous Technologies

Acquiring accolades such as ‘Top Mobile Application Developer’ tag and recognition from review companies like Clutch and GoodFrims, Mobulous Technologies have successfully restored its position among the top android application developers in India for the year 2018. The dedicated team of strategists and tech nerds has created some remarkable piece of arts in the form of enticing applications such as ‘Chai Roulette’, ‘eBIZ app’ etc. You can also get benefitted if hiring a dedicated developer like Mobulous Technologies.

Mobulous Mobile App Development Company

Final Takeaways

India is enriched with resources and that is the sole reason why it is referred to as the sub-continent of Asia. The products born out of the inborn talents of the application developers of the country have awestruck thinkers of the world. Their dedication and creativity are practically unmatchable. Picking out just 10 android app developers like Fluper fails to do justice to the rest of the companies, as there are many. These companies have been handpicked since their work has received special attention from among the leaders. So, find out your app development partner right here.


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