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In today’s fast-moving era of technology, we all are surrounded by mobile apps and technical frameworks. Nowadays all businesses know that only having the web presence is not enough in this highly competitive marketplace. And that’s the reason; businesses are depending more and more on mobile apps.

With time more and more people are using apps and it is proven that an average internet user at least uses 5 apps in a day. In order to develop the best mobile app for your business and have it stand out from the crowd, there are a few steps that need to be taken first. Developing a mobile app involves a combination of creativity and skills. For startup businesses, a mobile app development company must be fully awake of all the do’s and don’ts that are associated with this process. That is why a mobile app has become essential for clear reasons. In order to maintain a position in the marketplace today, you need to hire an app developer that makes your mobile app different from others. However, even a great idea doesn’t work well if you do not have a team of skilled Android app developer’s teams.

Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you to recognize the best Android app developer in the market –

Do’s to Hire Best Android App Developers

Do's best android app developers

Previous Experiences Matters

The first thing you need to keep in mind while hiring a Android app programmer for your project is to check the knowledge, expertise and experience in this field is very vital. The developer that you hire must have a lot of earlier experience in the technology that you want the app to be developed. This is because, for a part-time or fresher, it may become hard to live by the consent requirements of the marketplace and company.

Accomplished Expertise in Mobile Development

To judge the expertise of a developer, ask them a few questions related to the latest technologies related to mobile app development. Remember the expertise of a developer lowers the chances of app failure.
You need a mobile app development company in Abu Dhabi- UAE that ensures that you can get your work done by a team that has the numbers and the core proficiency in mobile app development. Never settle for a company that has no expertise in the latest technologies, this will be counted as one of your biggest mistakes. Never be impressed by an inspiring portfolio of a company that showcases its development expertise in other areas. It is of little or no significance to you.

Check Out the Technology Stack

When hiring the Full-time Mobile App Developers for your next project, one more thing you need to examine is to check out the knowledge about the latest technologies used in the mobile app development. To make sure the accomplishment of your mobile app, you need to hire the best app developers with knowledge of broad technology stack. There will be a lot of technical aspects, which you may not be aware of, but the developer should know it.

Choosing the right set of technology stack in the development process is an art and not every mobile app developer is fine at it. Hence, make sure the developer is updated with the latest technologies and the latest trends in mobile app development.

Proficiency in Cross-platform Development

If you want your business app to be developed for both platforms, you need to hire app developers with a specialization in cross-platform mobile app development.
After comparing the features of Android to iOS, you’ll find both platforms have their unique benefits. The main benefit of hiring a developer with proven knowledge in cross-platform development is the ease of use of your app across all well-known platforms in a profitable manner. This step means that cross-platform development not only multiplies the probability of your app success but also lowers the app development cost to a great amount.

Good Communication Skills

Wondering how communication will affect your mobile app development? Well, communication plays a significant role in the team management process. You need to select a candidate who is just right at speaking their recommendations and suggestions related to a project. That is why it is highly significant that you choose the person who has great communication skills. This will also help them to communicate their thoughts and designs more temptingly.

Think of the Basic Users

Everyone who uses your business app is not going to be a tech expert and while developing an app keeping your audience cannot be forgotten about. It may be enjoyable to design an app with all of the essential buttons and options that will help the basic user in using the app. The applications that are most widely used are the apps that are designed to attract everyone. So hire a mobile app developer who thinks out for the basic audience of the app. This will help you keep a quality app that will save you time at the last moment.

Don’ts to Hire Best Android App Developers

Don's hire the best android app developer

Consider these points in your mind to get rid of the companies or developers who are not competent enough to help you in your mobile app development part:

Pricing Criteria Alone

If the price is the only parameter, then you can try picking up any app development company. Sounds good? Not actually, isn’t it? Price is a key decisive factor, but should never be the only determining factor. To take the right decision to check out the experience, proficiency, app portfolio expertise, clientele and track record first before you even look at the pricing factor. Consider the pricing factor at the last, but never at the priority level. A cheaply priced development may cost you more in the end. So think wisely.

Sign NDA:

The idea of your business app is valuable and you don’t want it to get into the competitor’s hands. To manage this issue, you should sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the mobile app development company or app developer you are going to hire. And, if a developer or company say no to sign the non-disclosure agreement, then do not choose them. Signing an NDA guarantees that your business app idea contents will be safe and you can take serious legal action against the developer in the future if he discloses your idea to someone. Therefore, hire the best app developers who willingly sign and act according to an NDA.

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Documentation of the App

Never pick a developer or company that does not provide documentation about the app. This will be of immense significance when you decide on for improving the application through security patches, features, updates, and functionalities. It is difficult to execute the process like testing without proper app documentation. It is also highly possible that you may use the services of a new team in the future, for your app advancement or maybe you hire an in-house team. Therefore, never hire a mobile app developer who does provide you with all the information that you need at a later stage.

Business Understanding

It’s a common delusion that hiring developer-only needs the technical side while a developer must possess solid coding skills; he should also have a sufficient understanding of your business model and the audience your app is going to target. Only then, the developer can build a great app that entirely resonates with your brand value.
So to avoid confusion, you should always hire the best app developers with complete knowledge of your business and technologies. Don’t hire an app developer who has never worked for an audience from your industry as they would never be able to meet the needs of your customers.

Maintenance Policy

A maintenance policy is one of the major factors that play an important role in hiring a developer. Never choose a development company that doesn’t offer you with maintenance services. There would be times when you need your developer to fix any technical issues or updating new features in your app. That’s why it becomes crucial to know the company’s policy for app maintenance and support in the future.

Security and Privacy Aspects of an App

Last but not least, it is very important that the app developer brings notice to all those security and privacy aspects related to your company and application. Choose a developer in such a way, that you do not regret later. There are tons of rules and regulations that need to be followed in terms of security and privacy when you hire an app developer so all of them in your privacy statement.


Hopefully, the list discussed above will help you find the right mobile app developer for your next business project. Furthermore, Fluper is also having a team of expert Android mobile app developers who can offer you with the feature-rich mobile applications for all platforms. Want to know more about our services, give us a call today.

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