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The company revealed several changes that are coming to Alexa during Amazon’s event today. The company says the voice assistant will respond better to different individuals, and that it will be wiser to ask and remember the answers to clarifying questions in other instances. In reaction to a conversation, Alexa is also being updated to change its sound.

Throughout a series of demonstrations, these new capabilities were demonstrated. After asking clarifying questions, the first demonstrates how users can teach Alexa directly. “Alexa was asked in the presentation to “set the light to the reading mode of Rohit.” The voice assistant was able to understand that it did not know what this reading mode was supposed to be and asked the clarifying question, “What do you mean by ‘Rohit’s reading mode’?”When the presenter, Rohit, told Alexa that while in reading mode, his light should be set to a certain percentage, Alexa was able to store and remember that information for the next time.

By knowing the meaning of the conversation and changing its tone accordingly, another improvement focuses on making Alexa sound more normal. Alexa could put more stress on certain phrases or take more breaks, says Amazon.  All of this happened in the middle of the debate without them needing to use Alexa’s wake term.

At its main hardware events, Amazon usually announces a range of enhancements for Alexa, alongside smaller updates that occur throughout the year. Last year, for its voice assistant, the company introduced a variety of new features, including a new more natural-sounding voice, a multilingual mode tailored for bilingual households, and a “frustration detection” function that allows Alexa to apologize when your requests are incorrect. Yeah, and who could forget the unique voice talent of Samuel L. Jackson (which was then extended this year)?

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Amazon has revealed several more minor changes to Alexa throughout 2020. In April, the voice assistant received a new long-form speech style designed for content such as podcasts, and Amazon launched Alexa for Residential just this month, a new initiative to make it easier to incorporate Alexa devices into rental properties.Disclaimer

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