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With a new range of surveillance cameras designed for vehicles, Ring has revealed the first foray into items intended for use outside the home. Integrated into the same Ring app, the new Car Cam, Car Alarm, and Car Connect systems help the company’s home security alarm, video doorbells, and security cameras, and provide owners with warnings for attempted break-ins. The new items are expected to become available beginning next year.

In response to customers who have been asking for ways to protect their automobiles in a similar way to their homes with Ring products, Ring founder Jamie Siminoff says the reason for expanding into the automotive market is.

The $59.99 Car Alarm is the easiest of the systems, plugging into the OBD-II diagnostic port of your car and sending warnings to your phone when it detects a break-in, someone attempting to tow the car, or if your car is struck by another vehicle. The Car Alarm has a built-in siren that can be activated remotely, and when an incident is detected, it can be connected to other Ring or Alexa devices to sound audible warnings.

The Car Alarm uses the latest Sidewalk network of its parent company Amazon for access, which was revealed last year and is beginning to see some real products and innovations on it now. Amazon says the official delivery of Sidewalk will be later this year.

The $199.99 Car Cam is the first camera outside the home of Ring and can capture both inside and outside the car. The Car Cam has a camera pointing to the front windshield and one pointing to the interior of the car while mounted on the dashboard of a car. Like the Car Alarm, if an incident such as a break-in, towing, or accident is detected, the Car Cam can send warnings, and owners can tap into the feeds of the cameras to see what’s happening. For networking, the Car Cam depends on either Wi-Fi or LTE.

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Furthermore, in the case of a “serious accident,” the Car Cam can instantly ping first responders. Another feature called “Traffic Stop” allows owners to say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over” to enable the cameras to start recording and saving their footage to the cloud. Finally, Ring says there are built-in privacy features, such as a physical camera shutter and the ability to disable interior video and audio recording electronically.


In reality, back-up cameras have been required on all new cars in the US since 2018, since so many cars already have cameras built into them, Ring created the Car Connect platform to incorporate those existing cameras into its system.Disclaimer

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