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Italian company Vaonis comes with a bang! They are introducing a new conviction of a telescope for millions of people who are fond of planets and the universe. Without having an eyepiece to see through is definitely inspiring and it helps to understand the galaxy a bit more. 

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If you are fond of astronomy and prefer to have adequate knowledge about the universe, then we have good news for you. Stargazing and learning astrophysics becomes easier for everyone with the latest invention of Vespera. This device is configured with a powerful scope that snaps the images of the universe by hitting sensors and transfers live-view pictures to your tablet or smartphone devices via Wi-Fi. 

Vespera telescope can be put up outside the room on your balcony and you don’t need to go outside. Just relax into your bed and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Universe. With a powerful battery pack, it gives you a minimum of four hours long battery life every single time charging. 

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A Pre-installed application helps the user to choose his or her interest among a list of cosmic points. The user just needs to choose the point like mars, birth of a star, and many more activities can be done by a single click which operates the lens in the desired direction.

It does not end here, user can make scheduled observations if he or she likes to take a snap of something during their sleep. Moreover, it can be said that time has come when you can give your children a better idea and knowledge about the Universe by gifting Vespera Telescope.


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