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Google’s biggest point of sale is the fact that it doesn’t discriminate between apps whether you’re on the iOS or Android line. But that is not where Google’s strongest luxury video call feature stops and much more. While the App already deals with a number of features, we’re here to share the best of features on Google Duo right now.

Google already has launched out note feature from Monday and the same end-to-end encryption feature as video calls is expected. The roll-out is not limited and should, therefore, be available by the end of the week to any customer. Google makes the duo calling experience much more personalized. You can now send a one-off note along the lines “Call you later,” or “At a meeting right now” to a platform when you cannot answer a video call.


You will make calls to the Duo without any trouble without getting a telephone number connected to the Web. This works in reverse order, as you can also make calls with the recipient’s email address from the application on your phone to a version of the service. However, since they aren’t in the address book, you can’t find duo accounts that are only linked to an email address.

Google Duo

The’ Notes’ in the Duo is meant as one-time posts that you write or draw and forward to a third user as stated in an Android Police report. The goal is if users want to submit a person they usually talk to via a telephone call or short message, to give them an alternative to video. For some time video messages have been usable, but depending on your current environment, they are not always a viable option.

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Nonetheless, it is worth noting that a good degree of customizability is possible, with eight background colors, six fonts, and three brush strokes. You can also change the text to a much more personal note, move it and rotate it. Here are a few descriptions of their appearance.

After receiving comments from users, Google says that it introduced the feature that it would like more visual connections to your friends if they can not join a video call.

As is the case with Duo, the statements you send are authenticated end-to-end.



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