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Popular media streaming service, Spotify to soon test a new feature for enabling artists and labels to get their songs promoted in your recommendations. Spotify announced this brand new information to its users via an official blog post.

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This service will add inputs received from the artists and labels for promoting a new single. A lower rate of royalty will be offered to the artists and labels for personalized recommendation service. A spokesperson from the company stated that the artists were keen on receiving more opportunities for connecting with their new listeners and this is one of the prime reasons behind testing this upcoming feature.

Spotify will keep playing songs that perform well in similar sessions. On the other hand, songs or artists that fail to resonate with the listeners during a specific time frame shall be quickly withdrawn from the app too.

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The company mentions that it highly prioritizes listener satisfaction and therefore, it will only recommend songs that resonate with its listeners and therefore provides no guarantee placement to artists or labels.

The artists and labels will not be required to pay an upfront fee for this new feature. They can pay for this promotion related service via reduced royalties. The company has not yet clearly mentioned the concession it is going to give on the royalty amount but assures that it will help artists and labels at all levels in promoting their songs through this new feature.

This service will initially roll out to the company’s radio as well as autoplay formats as these are the mainstream mediums where listeners tune in to explore new songs and music.

Conclusion: Spotify will soon roll out a new feature for enabling artists and labels to promote their music using personalized recommendation process. It is only the performance of the song that will decide its fate on the Spotify app.


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