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Snow Cone could be naming of Android 12 will be the upcoming reduplication of Android. Appearing intelligent auto-rotation, bright screen reduction, high-end gaming mode, and the latest one-handed mode. Google has confirmed the source code reference of Android 12 is ‘SC’ believed an abbreviation of Snow Cone. However, it is reported that Google has not shared such absolute information of new OS, hence it is granted as a pinch of salt. It is expected to Android 12 Snow Cone is arriving at the year-end. 

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We all have an understanding of Google likes to give dessert names for Android OS and according to the XDA Developers report the next edition of Android could be Snow Cone. It has also mentioned that Google’s Android 11 was declared with ‘rvc’ source code that referencing the abbreviation form of Red Velvet Cake.  

Features and Specifications

Moving to the features, according to the report of 9to5Google, Android 12 might be arriving with a brand-new face-based auto-rotation pattern. However, it does not always work according to your wish but it could be pretty useful for people who use their handset mostly lying down. A promising improvement can be seen by Google as this auto-rotate works with your front camera and according to your head orientation. 

An assumption is made by 9to5Google that one-handed mode with a gesture would be incorporated in Android 12. In fact, it allows users to set a time period frame for this one-handed mode and after that, it will automatically disabled.   

A separate report of XDA Developers expressed that Android 12 is coming with a dedicated GameManager service. This feature automatically triggers a smart gaming mode where automatically manage all necessary gaming settings like auto-brightness, DO Not Disturb, auto-rotation, and more while the game start. 

Android 12 does not declare any launching date yet but it is a general assumption that Google might release it at end of the year.  Furthermore, you could have also got a smart privacy feature, rounded corners, and a dedicated widget selection with Android 12.


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