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Snapchat is an amazing app that comes along with a bunch of related cool features including Bitmoji, which lets you create a cartoon avatar of yourself for your Snapchat profile. And this feature is now being further developed by Snapchat with its very own personalized cartoon series, namely, the Bitmoji TV. This latest feature would arrive worldwide in February 2020. The arrival of the feature would transform Bitmoji form being finite to just animated chat stickers and comic strip-style stories, where they were being worthless to date.

Organizing original in-house shows for its discover section that can’t be transcribed could help Snapchat distinguish from excess of short-form video platforms out there, from YouTube to Facebook Watch to TikTok.

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Bitmoji TV could also increase the value of Discover, which still feels like a shocking magazine rack full of scantily clad women, gross-out imagery and other shocking content just meant to grab the attention and draw a click.

Snapchat to Globally Launch Bitmoji TV

With Bitmoji TV, your avatar and those of your friends will come into sight in commonly scheduled adventures ranging from the crew of Star Trek spaceships to being secret agents to falling in love with robots or becoming zombies. The teaser of Snapchat released previews in an animation style evocative of Netflix’s Big Mouth.

Snapchat Recognizes Bitmoji’s Value

Snapchat had few resilient years, as many of its basic attributes have been fiercely copied by the Facebook family of apps. Instagram Stories degrades Snap’s development for years and successfully lifted the broadcast medium from its creator. Facebook also boost up its augmented reality selfie filters, added more transient messaging attributes and launched Watch as a companion to Snapchat Discover.

Ultimately, Snap began expanding its Bitmoji’s use. In 2017, Bitmoji turns 3D and you could start superimposing them as augmented reality characters on your Snaps. The next year Snap enhanced their graphics, then launched the Snap Kit developer platform and Bitmoji Kit. This permits the apps to create a Snapchat login and use your Bitmoji as a profile pic. Shortly they appeared as Fitbit smartwatch faces, besides your Venmo transaction, and on Snapchat-sold commodities, from t-shirts to mugs. It’s an element of a wise approach to hitting copycats by allowing associates to use the genuine thing rather than building their own knock-off. That’s fueled the “Snapback” comeback, which has been Snap’s share price climb out of the gutter, from $5.79 at the beginning of 2019 to $ 16.09 now.

Premium Bitmoji TV shorts could liberate Snapchat Discover from its own weakness. There are some well-built brands like ESPN Sports Center on the platform, and Snap has numerous original Shows with more than 25 million unique viewers. It’s also greenlit other seasons of shows like “Dead Girls Detective Agency” and new biopic clips from Serena Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger.



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