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The pandemic hasn’t slowed down the S’More dating service –according to CEO Adam Cohen-Aslatei, who said the company’s average monthly user count doubled in March and has not yet plummeted.

“Although there is more time for the people working from home to turn to their relations,” Cohen-Aslatei told us.

The app (whose name is short for “something more”) was launched last fall and reportedly has drawn almost 50,000 users. The aim is to push past the superficiality of most dating applications, where you first know about another person and then access graphic features when you connect (like a profile photo).

Cohen-Aslatei said the team has also spent more on marketing to attract a various audience, both in terms of cultural diversity (something S reinforces more by not permitting users to sort by race) and sexual orientation, with 15 percent of users identifying as LGBTQ.  So now that things are reopening (although some of those reopening are being taken back), people are wondering, “Why are these cyber partnerships being turned into IRL?

Recently the S’More team introduced a video calling app to offer consumers more ways to connect. Yet Cohen-Aslatei added, “We wanted to build something in a way that suited our app … People don’t want to see a guy right away because you don’t know whether they’re a perv.”

And in S’more’s video chatting, the video is blurry for the first two minutes, so you have to initiate an engaging chat before you can see who you’re talking to and before they see you (a term that may be familiar to fans of Netflix’s dating series “Love is Blind”).

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Cohen-Aslatei said, “There is a horrible history of dating apps that encourage poor online behavior, fake photos, and catfisher.”But at the moment we are heading into a new age of authenticity, from being shallow to being genuine. S’more is one of those apps that can lead you in this direction. S’More grew internationally as well, arriving in Los Angeles last week (it was already available in Boston, Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago).


Of course, dating someone new can be difficult because meeting in-person poses serious health risks, but Cohen-Aslatei said S’More users have gotten innovative, like remote meals, where they order take-out from their favorite restaurants from each other.


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