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Rings have always been the symbol of everlasting last between individuals. However as the world of technology sees the rise of smart rings, they have harnessed the potential to be much more.

What is a smart ring?

What is a smart RingA smart ring is a technology embedded device that can be used to assist us in our day to day activities. Unlike smartwatches and fitness bands a smart ring can be worn around a small finger and provides the user with ease of access. A smart ring with display can also help the user keep a track of their activities while being constantly updated with notifications.

What can a smart ring do?

Smart ring — the new invention of wearable app development company, has provided every user with the luxury of versatility. The most common usage of smart rings is as fitness and activity trackers. However smart rings also have the potential to be used for digital payments, online security and as an extension of a personal cell phone.

Smart Ring as a Fitness Tracker

Smart Ring as a Fitness TrackerThe most common use of a smart ring is as a  fitness tracker. Smart Ring with display or without display can help serve the purpose of monitoring daily activities including the number of steps taken, distance travelled, calories burnt in a day, and so forth. Smart Ring can also help the user track their heart rate, blood oxygen, respiration rate, blood pressure, etc. IoT App Development Company has made sure that the smart ring can also sharpen daily outfits and be used as a fashion statement.

Smart Ring for Contactless Payments

Contactless or cashless payments have become extremely necessary in the post covid world. They are not only accessible but are also safer than cash transactions. Smart ring or Smart rings with display can be embedded with microchips that can be linked to bank accounts. Hovering the smart ring over a point of sale terminal will enable the bank to deduct the requisite amount of money. Although this seems like a function that can only be afforded by a few, wearable app development company have made sure that smart ring price is affordable for everyone.

Smart Ring for Remote Control

IoT App Development Company have ingeniously developed a smart ring to also substitute a remote control. Users now don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of keys everywhere they go. Smart keys can be integrated with smart locks that can automatically lock or unlock doors that are enabled with a smart home automation system. A smart ring with display can also be used to set alarms, control music and receive notifications remotely as well.

Smart Ring as a Sleep Monitor

As human beings strive to increase productivity in their day to day life, sleep quality has deteriorated. This has resulted in multiple sleep-related issues. Recent technologies that have been developed by wearable app development company or IoT App Development Company have enabled users to track their sleeping patterns with their smart ring. Smart ring uses sleep monitoring techniques that track sleep metrics to study the sleep cycle of the user. It also measures oxygen saturation levels,  heart rate, perfusion index and much more while the person is asleep.

Smart Rings for Smart Communication

Methods of smart and fast communication are the single greatest need for the current world. As the world comes closer, smart communication makes sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible. Smart ring will have bone conduction technology that can allow the users to communicate by placing their fingers to the ears. Smart ring especially smart ring with display can also be voice assistance enabled to assist the user smoothly.

Although the smart ring price is not sky high, its range of functionality is quite impressive. A smart ring can be connected to a mobile device and can help the user to click photos without the phone. It can also function as a smart id for events or workplaces.

It is quite obvious that the smart ring is the new superstar of wearable app development company and IoT App Development Company. The smart ring price can be variable depending upon the range of functionality. Small, compact and fashionable, smart rings can take the future of wearable technology to the next level.

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