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Have you experienced a flood of plastic spoons and forks that come along with the home delivery orders? Well, you are not alone in this, over time, plastic cutlery has become a huge waste generator as the online delivery services hike up. Recently, food delivery app giants like Zomato noticed how 90% of the cutlery that is sent along with food orders is never used by customers in the comfort of their homes. This is where climate conscious delivery came into the picture with the help of food delivery app development company.

To tackle this problem, they worked out innovative climate-conscious delivery solutions to give back and contribute to saving the environment. The food delivery app development company is insisting on including features that allow customers to coordinate for climate conscious delivery.

How can in-app developmental features help with climate-conscious delivery?

features help with climate-conscious delivery

Well, food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy now have an in-built app feature through their food app development company and food delivery app company that allows people to opt-out of calling in for cutleries. The plugin only allows people to receive plastic spoons and requests by checking off the special request box in the app.  This allows people to prevent excess waste production and stick to more environment-friendly practices for climate conscious delivery.

In a recent interview, Zomato’s team quoted, “It is high time we start taking baby steps towards sustainability, 58% of people call in for food every day and receive unwanted cutlery, tissues, added packaging. In our recent survey, we realized that letting our users avail of the option of not calling for cutlery would help us in contributing towards sustainability.”

They further added, “We modified the features of our app and developed an in-built plugin through our food app development company that lets people communicate whether they would need cutlery or not. We saw a drop in waste through cutlery by more than 60%. This also allowed our partners to save about 2-3 rupees per order.”

The pioneer of climate-conscious delivery

Zomato has been a pioneer in promoting climate conscious delivery. From their app to their communications through other portals, they are constantly asking their partners to shift from plastic packaging.

Apart from this, along with their food app delivery development company, they also introduced a multiple order pick up feature in their app that helps the delivery associate drop off multiple orders on the same route instead of travelling over and over again. This was a very crucial and beneficial addition to their campaign. This helped in contributing to the prevention of pollution.

We have become highly dependent on food delivery apps and cloud kitchens. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s date and advocating climate conscious delivery will only help in making this sector stronger and better.

How are food delivery app development companies associated with climate-conscious deliveries?

Food app development companies play a very important role in making climate-conscious delivery apps. Food delivery app development company help in introducing the brands to innovative development tricks and plugins like checkboxes, special request features and other solutions to support the cause.

Similar to Zomato, many smaller and other competitor food apps are also joining the parade by associating with their development companies to curate such features that suit the app and its users.

Fluper’s take on climate-conscious deliveries

Fluper strongly believes in contributing to the betterment of the world we live in and the environment that surrounds us. We proudly hold expertise in developing efficient, user-friendly, innovative, and contemporary apps from the food delivery niche. Fluper has a robust bank of effective and top-of-the-game plugins for food delivery apps that aid in climate-conscious delivery.

If you are looking to revamp your existing food delivery app or you plan on creating a climate-conscious food delivery app for your brand, Fluper is the right choice for you! Visit our website to know more about our client-friendly proposals and packages. Associate with the esteemed pioneers in contemporary trends of development now!

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